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Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Introduction


Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Introduction Types of Light To understand light you have to know that what we call light is what is visible to us. Visible light is the light that humans can see. Other animals can see different types of ...

Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Visible Light


Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Visible Light Seeing the Light Let's take a moment to talk about visible light. As you can tell by the name, visible light is the light that humans can see. More specifically, you see the light that ...

Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Structure of Light


Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Structure of Light Particles and Waves During the early 1900's scientists proved that electromagnetic radiation not only has packs of energy ( qu-anta ), but also proved that light moves in a wave ...

Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Refraction


... ics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Refraction Refraction Basics When scientists talk about refraction, they use a formula. "n = c / v" "c" is the speed of light in a vacuum , "v" is the speed of light in that substance and "n" is the index ...

Physics4Kids.com: Quiz: Light Overview


Physics4Kids.com: Quiz: Light Overview Physics4Kids Quiz: Light Overview Physics Mo-tion Thermo/Heat Light EM Spectrum Electricity Modern Phys More Topics RELATED LINKS - Physics4Kids: Motion - Physics4Kids: Forces - Chem4Kids: Solids - ...

Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Lenses


Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Lenses Bending Light with Refraction Lenses are pieces of glass that bend light. The easiest thing to think about is lenses in eyeglasses. People who do not have 20/20 vision might see things a little ...

Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: EM Radiation


Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: EM Radiation Types of Electromagnetic Radiation There are waves of energy and light moving all around us in the form of TV and audio transmiss-ions, gamma radiation from space, and heat in the atmosphere. ...

Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Lasers


... a word but an acronym. It stands for LIGHT AMPLIFICATION by STIMULATED EMISSION of RADIATION. Exciting Atoms The amount of light normally given off by an atom is incre-ased or exaggerated (stimulated). To make the light even stronger, the ...

Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Reflection


Physics4Kids.com: Light & Optics: Reflection Reflection Basics When a light ray hits an object and bounces off, it is called reflection. When you think of reflection, think about mirrors . They reflect all of the light. That is the ...



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