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Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Introduction


... clopedia.com/topic/thermodynamics.aspx Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ther-modynamics Encyclopædia Britannica: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/591572/thermodynamics Physics4Kids Sections Motion | Thermodynamics | ...



Rader's PHYSICS 4 KIDS.COM MOTION | HEAT & THERMODYNAMICS | ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM LIGHT | MODERN PHYSICS Use this search tool (powered by Google) to check our site for the physics information you need. The search will only look ...

Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Heat


Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Heat Making Heat How do you make heat? You could burn things ( chemical reactions ), or you could rub things together ( friction ). When you burn things, thermal energy is released. Thermal energy ...

Physics4Kids.com: Quiz: Thermodynamics Overview


Physics4Kids.com: Quiz: Thermodynamics Overview Physics4Kids Quiz: Thermodynamics Physics Motion Thermo/Heat Light EM Spectrum Electricity Modern Phys More Topics RE-LATED LINKS - Physics4Kids: Motion - Physics4Kids: Forces - Chem4Kids: ...

Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Expansion


Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Expansion Getting Hotter = Getting Bigger Now you need to think about states of matter a little bit. We'll start with gases. The idea behind thermal expansion is that gases expand as the ...

Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Laws of Thermodynamics


Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Laws of Thermodynamics Thermodynamic Laws that Explain Systems A thermodynamic system is one that interacts and exchanges energy with the area around it. The exchange and transfer need to happen ...

Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: First Law of The ...


Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: First Law of Thermodynamics A Closer Look at the First Law Remember the first law of thermodynamics? It described the conservation of energy. When you have a system and it changes, there are four ...

Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Second Law of Th ...


Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Second Law of Thermodynamics A Closer Look at the Second Law We're going to talk about the second law of thermodynamics here. Scientists use a word called entropy to describe the degree of ...

Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Entropy


... Law Enthalpy Entropy More Topics Taking Earth’s Temperature (NASA Video) Related Links Physics4Kids: Thermodynamics Chem4Kids: Reaction Thermodynamics Chem4K-ids: Changing States of Matter Chem4Kids: Catalysts Biology4Kids: System ...

Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Enthalpy


Physics4Kids.com: Thermodynamics & Heat: Enthalpy Energy and Enthalpy Enthalpy is a measure of heat in the system. They use the formula H = U + PV . H is the enthalpy value, U is the amount of internal energy, and P and V are pressure ...

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