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PowerLabs High Voltage Research!


PowerLabs High Voltage Research! PowerLabs High Voltage Research!         Like High Voltage Experimentation? Why note donate so I can continue to develop more HV Devices? PayPal donations are encrypted and secure!   Introduction: ...

200kV Voltage Multiplier


200kV Voltage Multiplier PowerLabs 200kV Voltage Multiplier!           Would you like to sponsor PowerLabs research? Please donate any amount. Every little bit helps and you can be sure your money will be put to good use :-)     ...

POWERLABS' High Voltage Solid State Flyback Driver


... with ion streams, having the rectifier built in is not desired for most high voltage experi-ments, as it will make the output half wave, and in that way make the output voltage 55% lower than it would be without it. The peak power remains ...

POWERLABS Ignition coil drivers page!


... on the secondary coil, which consists of several tens of thousands of hair thin wire This induced current appears as a high voltage pulse (a product of the ratio of turns between primary and secondary and of the field's rise time), ...

PowerLabs Science Experiments!


... and see experiments dealing with similar principles at the pages below:   PowerLabs High Voltage Research: Tesla Coils, induction heating, can crushers, high voltage gener-ators, and much more!   PowerLabs Electro Magnetic Weapons ...

PowerLabs NEW Rail Gun!


... must be used. Unfortunately, maintaining a high current through a long pair of rails req-uires a lot of energy (Current * Voltage * Time), and with high currents high rates of rail er-osion have so far been unavoidable.  The exit velocity ...

PowerLabs Electromagnetic Weapons!


... can learn more about the topics above and see experiments dealing with similar princi-ples at the pages below: PowerLabs High Voltage Research: All of the experiments on this page deal with High Voltages; on this page you can learn more ...

The PowerLabs Solid State Can Crusher!


... capacitors is a Digital Multimeter reading the actual charge voltage (in this case 0volts). The multimeter is essential as it allows me to monitor the charging rate, the actual charge voltage, and any residual charge left in the capacitors ...

PowerLabs Rail Gun!


... later). The rail separation distance was set at twice the electrical breakdown threshold of air at the peak power supply voltage assuming dry at air STP; 6mm. The 2x safety margin was chosen due to dielectric creepage considerations. As ...

POWERLABS Plasma Globe page!


... otherwise it will react with the electrode surface (inert gases also have a low voltage br-eakdown). And it must be at low pressure in order for a not-too-high voltage to be able to break it down. Than the electrode is energized with a high ...

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