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Sam's Car.


... cars) to the oxygen sensor in front of the catalytic converter. This allows the S-AFC to read and display the oxygen sensor voltage, from which the air/fuel ratio can be deduced. This makes it possible to tune the fuel curve at different ...

PowerLabs High Speed Exploding CDs!


PowerLabs High Speed Exploding CDs! PowerLabs High Speed CD-Rom Experiments         Help me figure out new and more entertaining ways to blow up CDs! Introduction:  Have you ever loaded a faulty CD into a high speed (30X or higher) ...

Sam Barros' CHEMLABS! Chemistry in action!


e ever seen, as it is even more heat resistant than Pyrex. I only managed to break one piece of glassware by thermal shock so far (the Sodium Peroxide experiment above shows how it happened). It also withstands impact better than regular ...

PowerLabs Lead Picrate Synthesis


PowerLabs Lead Picrate Synthesis PowerLabs Lead Picrate Synthesis           Lead Pic-rate (2,4,6-Trinitrophenol, lead salt) Laboratory Synthesis:   INTRODUCTION: It is widely known that Picric Acid should not be allowed to contact ...

PowerLabs Picric Acid Production


ng picric acid is by the conversion of benzene directly into picric acid in one step. This was patented by Mueller Teeters in 1948 (US pat. 2,455,322): 1g of mercuric nitrate is added to 60mL of 70% nitric acid which is than stirred and ...

PowerLabs Metallic Sodium Experiments


PowerLabs Metallic Sodium Experiments PowerLabs Metallic Sodium Experiments           Introduction:  Everyone who has gone through High School Chemistry has seen the "S-odium In Water" experiment. First the periodic table is explained, ...

The awesome GMHEICSLR!


... ;-))  3. It must be operated as a "Tesla coil". Capacitive discharge or CW is fine, but records in which more input voltage was put in than was outputted (e.g. pumping the base with a larger Tesla Coil) are invalid.  4. The coil must ...

PowerLabs On the News!


... Channel "One Step Beyond": This episode was filmed in August of 2005, and was about me and the work I've done with High Voltage and Electromagnetic Acceleration. It would have been a really neat showcase of the life I had back in ...

PowerLabs RailGun construction effort.


... switched pulse was longer, owning to the fact that the low voltage used did not allow for a high current to flow through the relatively poor connection between the rails and projectile. Voltage reversal was 16%. Everything is looking up ...

Powerlabs' Wimshurst electrostatic generator page!


... either way (+- or -+).     Machine Limitations:  The practical voltage output limitations of a Wimshurst machine operating at standard atmospheric conditions are two: First as the voltage increases partial ionization (corona) losses ...

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