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Gravity Probe B: Testing Einstein's Universe


... was conceived in 1959. Learn about the advances in engineering that made it all possible . Einstein's Spacetime How did Einstein revolutionize our concepts of space and time? Do they exist absolutely or relative to matter? And how does ...

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Argument in Quantum Theory (Stanford ...


... their way into EPR were worked out in a series of meetings with Einstein and his two as-sistants, Podolsky and Rosen. The actual text, however, was written by Podolsky and, ap-parently, Einstein did not see the final draf

Einstein's Philosophy of Science (Stanford Encyclopedia of ...


... Literature Academic Tools Other Internet Resources Related Entries 1. Introduction: Was Einstein an Epistemological “Opportunist”? Late in 1944, Albert Einstein received a letter from Robert Thornton, a young African-American philosoph ...

Gravity Probe B - Frequently Asked Questions


... test of Einstein? With the general theory of relativity, acclaimed as one of the most bril-liant creations of the human mind, Einstein forever changed our Newtonian view of gravity. However, even though it has become one of the cornerstones ...

Gravity Probe B - Contact Us


Gravity Probe B - Contact Us Skip navigation Gravity Probe B Testing Einstein's Universe Search this site: home status mission technology spacetime resources Program Info Press Education Image Gallery Media Gallery Papers Presentations ...

Collected Quotes from Albert Einstein


Collected Quotes from Albert Einstein [Note: This list of Einstein quotes was being forw-arded around the Internet in e-mail, so I decided to put it on my web page. I'm afraid I can't vouch for its authenticity, tell you where it came ...



... media event at NASA Headquarters on May 4, 2011. See the GP-B website for details: http://e instein .stanford.edu The Two Einstein Effects Newton believed that space and time were absolute or fixed entities and that gravity was an ...

Experiment in Physics > Appendix 3: The Discovery of Bose-Einstein ...


... confirmation of a specific theoretical prediction 70 years after the theoretical prediction was first made. Bose (1924) and Einstein (1924; 1925) predicted that a gas of noninteracting bosonic atoms will, below a certain temperature, ...

Presidential Lectures: Douglas R. Hofstadter: Einstein


Presidential Lectures: Douglas R. Hofstadter: Einstein   Hofstadter on Einstein     A Po-cket-Sized Telling of the Genesis of the Greatest Ideas of the Greatest Thinker of All Time OR How Analogy Showed Einstein the Light, and Light Showed ...

Measurement in Quantum Theory (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


... exchange with Bohr at the fifth Solvay conference (1927) and in the no less famous Ei-nstein, Podolsky, Rosen paper of 1935. Arguing from a “realist” position, Einstein con-tended that under ideal conditions observations (and measurement ...

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