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Help Desk, Help for Registered Users


Help Desk, Help for Registered Users Help Desk & FAQ Installation Issues 32-bit or 64-bit MS Excel? Please open your Excel program and click on File > Help Look on the bottom right of screen you will see the version info. Under the ...

Composition of Dry Air


Composition of Dry Air Composition of Dry Air Dry air consits mainly of oxygen and nitrogen. The volumetric composition of the standard dry air is: The average molecular mass of st-andard dry air is 28.97 Copyright © 1998 Taftan Data . All ...

Standard Temperature and Pressure


Standard Temperature and Pressure Standard Temperature and Pressure Standard Temp-erature and Pressure is a condition which corresponds to (0 C) and (1 atm). Related topic: Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure (SATP) Copyright © 1998 ...

About Taftan Data, Developer of Engineering Application


About Taftan Data, Developer of Engineering Application Statement of mission Taftan Data is a software developer and consulting company. We develop software mainly for industrial, scientific and engineering applications. We have developed a ...

Molecular Weight Calculator, Taftan Data


Molecular Weight Calculator, Taftan Data Molecular Weight Calculator v1.11 Brief descrip-tion and downloading Molecular Weight Calculator is an MS Windows application that calc-ulates the molecular weight of any compound by using its chemical ...

Price of Registration Keys


Price of Registration Keys Price of Registration Keys Before ordering your registration key, please read the file readme that comes with each package. Note that all prices are subject to change without notice! If there are any questions, do ...

Steam Properties, properties of steam or water


... fraction, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity and dynamic viscosity All inverse functions, needed in applied thermodynamics applications, are provided. More about this can be found in the help file that comes with the package. ...



Area Area The SI unit of area is square meter ( m ). Other units are: 1 mm = 1E-6 m 1 cm = 1E-4 m 1 dm = 0.01 m 1 in (square inch)= 6.4516E-4 m 1 ft (square foot)= 0.09299 m 1 yd (square yard)= 0.83613 m Copyright © 1998 Taftan Data . All ...



Fuel Fuel Fuels are chemical substances which may be burned in oxygen to generate heat . They mainly consist of carbon and hydrogen and sometimes a small amount of sulfur or minerals. There are solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Coal and Coke ...



Heat Heat Heat is a form of energy that is transferred from one body ( system ) to another body (system or surroundings). Heat transfer can occur when there is a temperature differe-nce. Assume two bodies with different temperatures are ...

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