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UMER - Welcome to UMER


... Oct. 15-16, 2009 2009-10-16 More...   You are here: Home Welcome to UMER The University of Maryland Electron Ring The University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER) is a world-class research facility in beam and accelerator physics at the ...

The Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics (IREAP) ...


... Materials and Interface Nanotechnology Lathrop 3M Dynamo experiment researches ma-gnetic fields. University of Maryland Electron Ring Tao Gong measures the optical properties of solar cells. Lichtenberg Figure Engineering Research Facility ...

UMD Department of Physics


... atomtronic circuit. Atomtronics is an emerging technology whereby atoms play the role of information carriers, analogous to electrons in conventional circuitry. Campbell’s lab has led the research progress in this area. Read More Events ...

Electrons & Waves


... one of the founders of quantum mechanics, predicted the existence of the positron, de-veloped the theory of the spinning electron and introduced the quantum theory of radiation. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1933.     F elix Bloch ...

Free Electron Laser Group - Research


... Transition Radiation Window Located after the UMER Electron Gun OTR Radiation Prov-ides Image of Electron Beam We are engaged in an experimental and computational program to develop advanced diagnostics for high power electron beam sources ...

Electronics History


Electronics History A Thumbnail History of Electronics Table of Contents I.    CATHODE RAYS AND THE DISCOVERY OF THE ELECTRON:  Crookes, Braun, Roentgen, Thomson, Millikan II.  WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY:  Hertz, Branly, Lodge, Marconi III.  ...

Cathode Rays & the Discovery of the Electron


Cathode Rays & the Discovery of the Electron   A Thumbnail History of Electronics I . Cat-hode Rays & the Discovery of the Electron A lthough many of the pioneers of 19 th Century physics, including Faraday, were convinced on the ...



... Electrical Testing | Non-Destructive Evaluation | Destructive Evaluati on | Contact Us | - Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope - Electron microscopy is a natural extension of optical microscopy in failure analysis. The use of ...

Free Electron Laser Group


Free Electron Laser Group Free Electron Laser Group The Free Electron Laser Group is a member of the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics (IREAP). IREAP is a joint institute of the College of Computer, Mathematical, and ...



Transistors   A Thumbnail History of Electronics   VIII. Transistors The analogy between the diode and the solid state devices such as the copper oxide rectifier and the crystal det-ectors of early radio was obvious early on. During the ...

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