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UT Relativity Group


UT Relativity Group UT Relativity Group Home openGR Seminars Personnel Publications Links UT Relativity Group Researchers in the Relativity Group, a part of the Theory Group , are involved in the study of gravitation in both the classical ...

Relativity and electromagnetism


Relativity and electromagnetism Next: Introduction Up: lectures Previous: Wave-guides Relativity and electromagnetism Subsections Introduction The relativity principle The Lorentz transformation Transformation of velocities Tensors The ...

Relativity and electromagnetism


Relativity and electromagnetism Next: The relativity principle Up: lectures Previous: Units Relativity and electromagnetism Subsections The relativity principle The Lorentz transform Transformation of velocities Tensors Transformations The ...

UT Center for Relativity


UT Center for Relativity Center for Relativity Home openGR Seminars Personnel Publications Links UT Center for Relativity Researchers in the Center for Relativity are involved in the study of gravitation in both the classical and quantum ...

Relativity and Electromagnetism


Relativity and Electromagnetism Next: Introduction Up: Electromagnetism Previous: Exe-rcises Relativity and Electromagnetism Subsections Introduction Relativity Principle Lorentz Transformation Transformation of Velocities Tensors Physical ...

The relativity principle


The relativity principle Next: The Lorentz transformation Up: Relativity and electromagnetism Previous: Introduction The relativity principle Physical phenomena are conventionally de-scribed relative to some frame of reference which allows us ...

UT Center for Relativity


UT Center for Relativity Center for Relativity Home openGR Links Pictures Paul Walter St. Edward's webpage Developed by the UT Center for Relativity

Department of Physics — Graduate Student Information


... nuclear physics; statistical mechanics and thermodynamics; plasma physics; conde-nsed matter physics; nonlinear dynamics; relativity and cosmology; and elementary particle physics. In most of these fields, both experimental and theoretical ...

Department of Physics — Research and Facilities


... physics Peter Riley Relativistic heavy ion nuclear physics Center for Relativity Relativity Home Page Cecile Dewitt-Morette General relativity; mathematical physics; Feynman path integrals Richard Matzner General relativity and cosmology; ...

Relativity Principle


Relativity Principle Next: Lorentz Transformation Up: Relativity and Electromagnetism Pr-evious: Introduction Relativity Principle Physical phenomena are conventionally described relative to some frame of reference that allows us to define ...

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