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Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics


Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics A complete set of lecture notes for an upper-division undergraduate thermodynamics and st-atistical mechanics course. Topics covered include elementary ...

Courses Taught By Richard Fitzpatrick At UT Austin


... Electromagnetism PHY 380L: Plasma Physics Upper-Division Undergraduate Courses: PHY 373: Quantum Mechanics PHY 369: Thermodynamics And Statistical Mechanics PHY 352K: Classical Electromagnetism PHY 336L: Fluid Mechanics PHY 336K: Newtonian ...

Applications of statistical thermodynamics


Applications of statistical thermodynamics Next: Introduction Up: lectures Previous: Refr-igerators Applications of statistical thermodynamics Subsections Introduction Boltzmann distributions Paramagnetism Mean values Partition functions ...

Classical thermodynamics


Classical thermodynamics Next: Introduction Up: lectures Previous: The laws of thermo-dynamics Classical thermodynamics Subsections Introduction The equation of state of an ideal gas Heat capacity or specific heat Calculation of specific ...



Thermodynamics Next: The need for a Up: Introduction Previous: The atomic theory of Thermodynamics In this course, we shall focus almost exclusively on those physical proper-ties of everyday materials which are associated with the motions of ...

Statistical thermodynamics


Statistical thermodynamics Next: Introduction Up: lectures Previous: Exact and inexact differentials Statistical thermodynamics Subsections Introduction Thermal interaction between macrosystems Temperature Mechanical interaction between ...

Microscopic Thermodynamics


Microscopic Thermodynamics MICROSCOPIC THERMODYNAMICS Irey, Ansari and Pohl 1972 PART I   THE MICROSCOPIC SECOND LAW Unit IIIA Equilibrium - A Microscopic Understanding   Introduction and Objectives I. THE BEHAVIOR OF INDIVIDUAL ...



lectures Next: Introduction Up: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Previous: Th-ermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics: An int-ermediate level course         Richard Fitzpatrick Associate ...

Thermodynamics and statistical thermodynamics


Thermodynamics and statistical thermodynamics Next: Classical and quantum approaches Up: Introduction Previous: Microscopic and macroscopic systems Thermodynamics and statistical thermodynamics In this course, we are going to develop some ...

Why study thermodynamics?


... or other ( e.g. , solids, liquids, gases, and light). Not surprisingly, therefore, thermo-dynamics is a discipline with an exceptionally wide range of applicability. Thermodynamics is certainly the most ubiquitous subfield of Physics ...

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