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Oscillations and Waves


... damped and driven harmonic oscillation, coupled oscillations, standing waves, traveling waves, wave pulses, dispersive waves, wave optics, and wave mechanics. The lecture notes are availible in a number of formats: [HTML] A fully hyperlink ...

Oscillations and Waves


... Transmission at Interfaces; Electromagnetic Waves; Doppler Effect; Wave Propagation in Inhomogeneous Media; Exercises. 7. Multi-Dimensional Waves . Plane Waves; Thre-e-Dimensional Wave Equation; Cylindrical Waves; Spherical Waves; Oscillati ...

Wave-Particle Duality


... Light Classical Interference of Light Waves Quantum Interference of Light Classical Par-ticles Quantum Particles Wave Packets Evolution of Wave Packets Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Schrödinger's Equation Collapse of the Wave ...



... Waves Pulse Propagation Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Plasmas Electromagn-etic Wave Propagation in Conductors Surface Wave Propagation in Water Exercises Multi-Dimensional Waves Plane Waves Three-Dimensional Wave Equation Laws of ...

Waves in Cold Plasmas


... Polarization Cutoff and Resonance Waves in an Unmagnetized Plasma Low-Frequency Wave Propagation Parallel Wave Propagation Perpendicular Wave Propagation Wave Pro-pagation Through Inhomogeneous Plasmas Cutoffs Resonances Resonant Layers ...

Wave Packets


Wave Packets Next: Evolution of Wave Packets Up: Wave-Particle Duality Previous: Qu-antum Particles Wave Packets The above discussion suggests that the wavefunction of a massive particle of momentum and energy , moving in the positive ...

Classical Light Waves


... in the -direction. It is convenient to characterize a light wave (which is, of course, a type of electromagnetic wave) by specifying its associated electric field. Suppose that the wave is polarized such that this electric field oscillates ...

Electromagnetic wave propagation in dielectrics


Electromagnetic wave propagation in dielectrics Next: Introduction Up: lectures Previous: Magnetic energy Electromagnetic wave propagation in dielectrics Subsections Introduction The form of the dielectric constant Anomalous dispersion and ...

Electromagnetic waves


... is absorbed into the constant vector by allowing it to become complex. Thus, . In general, the vector is also complex. A wave maximum of the electric field satisfies (438) where is an integer and is some phase angle. The solution to this ...

Oscillations and Waves


... and Transmission at Interfaces Electromagnetic Waves Doppler Effect Wave Propagation in Inhomogeneous Media Exercises Multi-Dimensional Waves Plane Waves Three-Dime-nsional Wave Equation Cylindrical Waves Spherical Waves Oscillation of an ...

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