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Kinematics   I f an object is rotating about a fixed z-axis with constant angular acceleration a, we have w f = w i + a ( t f - t i ). The angular displacement q about the z- axis is then given by , These equations are of the same form as ...

Kinematics and dynamics


Kinematics and dynamics If an object is rotating about a fixed z-axis with constant angular acceleration a, we have Δω = αΔt,   ω f = ω i + α (t f - t i ) . The angular displacement θ about the z-axis is then given by , These ...

Relativistic Kinematics

electron9.phys.utk.edu/phys513/Modules/module7/relativistic_kinem ...

Relativistic Kinematics Special theory of relativity An inertial fame is a reference frame in which all relative accelerations due to external forces are eliminated. Postulates I. The laws of nature are the same in all inertial reference ...



Kinematics Kinematics Definitions:   , instantaneous velocity , instantaneous acceleration Kinematic equations for one-dimensional motion with constant acceleration v xf = v xi + a x ∆t v x(avg) =( v xf + v xi )/2. x f - x i = v xi ∆t + ...

The Language of Kinematics


The Language of Kinematics Assume that you are riding in a car, which is traveling down the road.  The speedometer is not working, but you would like to determine the average speed of the car.  You note that at time t 1 = 8:31:00 AM the ...

Rotational kinematics


Rotational kinematics Rotations, harmonic motion, waves Center of mass: ,      ,  Rot-ational kinematics: ,    ,    Δ ω = α Δt,  ω f = ω i + α Δt Rotation about an axis: ,  ,    ,  Rotational dynamics: τ = r × F ,  τ ...



Kinematics Kinematics Problem 1: You are traveling east at 30 miles per hour.  You see a ball rolling onto the road and you break hard, because you are afraid that a child will come running after the ball.  You come to a stop in 0.8 ...

Lesson 8


... Protection and Shielding Return to Course Outline   Lesson 8 - Scattering Kinematics Importance of scattering kinematics In this lesson, we will be considering the kinematics of collisions between particles and targets.  The term ...

Rotational Motion


In this problem the initial angular velocity ω i and the angular acceleration α are given.  If we choose the direction of the initial angular acceleration to be the z-direction, then ω f = ω i + α(t f - t i ), since α is in the ...

Physics 221


... with applications , 5th edition (Prentice Hall). TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 2: Describing motion: kinematics in one dimension CHAPTER 3: Kinematics in two dimensions; vectors CHAPTER 4: Motion and force: dynamics CHAPTER 5: Circular motion; ...

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