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Vectors: Velocities, Accelerations, and Forces


... the same magnitudes and the same orientations. Velocity and Acceleration Let us now give a precise definition of velocity and acceleration. They are vectors, so we must give a magnitude and a direction for them. The velocity v and the ...

Training Camp


... make sure we talk about the same things when we learn about Physics and Football.   Let us  first explore speed, velocity and acceleration in football.   Questions?   Send e-mail to mbreinig@utk.edu



... We write a = (v 2 - v 1 )/(t 2 - t 1 ) = D v/ D t,  D v = a D t. D v is the change in the do-wnward component of the velocity. If we write final velocity = initial velocity + change in vel-ocity, then we have v = v 0 + a D t. If we start ...

Speed and Velocity


... Velocity    What are typical speeds of players on the field? How fast are they running? Click the " Speed " button to make some measurements. What is a player's velocity ?   To find the player's velocity you must determine his ...

Phase and Group Velocity


... field of a wave packet is given by . Here w is a function of k 0 + k '. The phase velocity of the plane waves is v p = w /k = c/n( k , w ).  The group velocity of the wave packet is v g =  ¶ w / ¶ k . = Ñ k w .  Its direction is ...

Speed, velocity, and acceleration

labman.phys.utk.edu/phys221/modules/m1/speed-velocity-acceleratio ...

... is d = (6 m) i + (1 m) i = (7 m) i . Its velocity is v = (7 m)/(2 s) i = (3.5 m) i . Accel-eration Whenever the velocity of an object is changing, then the object is accelerating.  Assume that at a time t 1 the object has velocity v 1 , ...

Neutron Stars


... how far the neutron star has traveled since the explosion and therefore its average velo-city. By these means, the neutron star is found to have a space velocity of about 1000 km/s, suggesting that it was kicked out of the supernova ...

Looking Back in Time


... Back in Time A Cosmic Speed Limit The velocity of light plays a central role is astronomy and in physics. According to the Einstein's Theory of Relativity, nothing in our universe can exceed the velocity of light; thus, it is a kind of ...

Position, Velocity and Acceleration


... bicycle between 0s and 0.4s? What is the average velocity (in m/s) of the bicycle between 0s and 0.4s? What is the average speed (in m/s) of the bicycle between 0.4s and 0.8s? What is the average velocity (in m/s) of the bicycle between ...

Module 2: Electromagnetic Waves


... Additional Material:  Haus: Chapter 1 Wave propagation in anisotropic media EM waves in non-isotropic media Phase and group velocity Additional Material:  Haus:  Chapter 11 Assignment: Assignment 2

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