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... direct detections of gravitational-wave emission from spinning neutron stars. Gravitational waves were predicted by Albert Einstein almost a century ago, but have never been directly detected. Such observations would open up a new window ...

Einstein@Home: About


... In This Section   About Einstein@Home Einstein@Home Screensaver The All-Sky Search Data Analysis The Einstein@Home Project Einstein revolutionized our understanding of the universe and set the course for physics research in the twentieth ...

Einstein@Home: Resources


... Waves The Intelligent Noncosmologist's Guide to Spacetime Gravitational Waves (D. Malling) Gravitational Wave Sources Einstein Online

Einstein@Home Message boards


... News News from this project 270 1645 5 hours ago Technical News Technical News from this project 84 1469 6 hours ago Cafe Einstein Discuss anything relating to Einstein@home 1736 48184 3 hours ago Cruncher's Corner Credit, leaderboards ...

Einstein@Home: Ask a Physicist


... same information - they can be expressed in terms of each other (and some other con-stants)… Q: Do you think that Albert Einstein had a big influence on the way people live their lives today? Do you think German people have a different ...

Einstein@Home: Gravitational Waves


Einstein@Home: Gravitational Waves About   |   Get Involved   |   Gravitational Waves   |   Ask a Physicist  |   In the News   |   Resources   |   Contact   |   Home Gravitational Waves   Predicting Gravitational Waves   ...

Einstein@Home in the news


... Sterne und Weltraum German Hinter den Kulissen von Einstein@Home 2011/10/14 live-science English Exploring Our Universe With Einstein At Home 2011/03/01 HPC wire English GPUs Spur Discovery of New Pulsar 2011/03/01 Cosmic Log msnbc.com ...

Einstein@Home FAQ


... an Einstein@Home workunit has started, bring up the 'task manager' by doing CONTR-OL-ALT-DELETE. Find the running einstein process and compare how much CPU time is shown with the time reported by the BOINC client. The BOINC client ...

The Einstein@Home Starsphere Screensaver


The Einstein@Home Starsphere Screensaver The Einstein@Home Starsphere Screensaver Translations English Español Deutsch Hungarian Russian Portuguese Français Polish The Einstein@Home Screensaver has a number of elements related to current ...

Einstein@Home application source code and license


Einstein@Home application source code and license Einstein@Home application source code and license License: The Einstein@Home source code is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 Source code for the gravitational wave ...

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