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Began Noting Spanish Etymologies


Began Noting Spanish Etymologies Menu Morgan’s Homepage Bio Say Hi! Menu Morgan’s Homepage Bio Say Hi! Began Noting Spanish Etymologies 3 years ago Spanish Etymology: Spanish for Nerds . I am obsessed with understanding where words come ...

Began Tweeting


Began Tweeting Menu Morgan’s Homepage Bio Say Hi! Menu Morgan’s Homepage Bio Say Hi! Began Tweeting 2 years ago @morganfriedman but heed the warning in my Twitter bio: I know a ton about a tiny number of topics; nothing about anything ...

What is a Cliche?


What is a Cliche? What is a Cliché? I get many suggestions of cliches to add to this list -- sometimes as many as a few hundred a day. As such, I consider myself quite experienced in identifying cliches. And, reading all these suggestions, ...

Discovered ‘The Net’ and Made Some of the Very Early Interesting ...

www.westegg.com/discovered-the-net-and-made-some-of-the-very-earl ...

... book on my family history but that’s not for public consumption!); the first Antoine de St Exupery page; the first Albert Einstein page; the first Simpsons Quote page; the first Ogden Nash page; the first Francis Bacon page; the first ...

Albert Einstein Online


... igation , Freedom of Information Privacy Act Albert Einstein Reference Archive Albert Einstein library Albert Einstein , Brazil Dr. Albert Einstein Dies in Sleep at 76 , World Mourns Loss of Great Scientist Albert Einstein and the Atomic ...

Unofficially South | Alumni Pages


... ett@state.me.us Jan Kaplan, jkaplan@kayescholer.com Peter Hugo, Flipturn1@aol.com Matthew Lennig, Lennig@nuance.com Ed Reinstein Penny (Seltzman) Springer, San Fran-cisco pennys1@mindspring.com Rick Stark, RNS1225@AOL.COM Richard Tanzer, ...

Unofficially South | A Tribute to Dr Philip Mogul


... fools. The most beautiful thing one can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. Albert Einstein Miscellaneous Uncle Philzie's here!! Hey, skinny! To a female student who walked into class 5 minutes ...

Ogden Nash | Common Cold


Ogden Nash | Common Cold Common Cold by Ogden Nash &#160 Go hang yourself, you old M.D,! You shall not sneer at me. Pick up your hat and stethoscope, Go wash your mouth with laundry soap; I contemplate a joy exquisite In not paying you ...

Ogden Nash | My Dream


Ogden Nash | My Dream My Dream by Ogden Nash &#160 This is my dream, It is my own dream, I dreamt it. I dreamt that my hair was kempt. Then I dreamt that my true love unkempt it. &#160 return to ogden nash online | search contact: ...

Ogden Nash | The Guppy


Ogden Nash | The Guppy The Guppy by Ogden Nash &#160 Whales have calves, Cats have kittens, Bears have cubs, Bats have bittens, Swans have cygnets, Seals have puppies, But guppies just have little guppies. &#160 return to ogden nash ...

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