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Voltage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Voltage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Voltage From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search "Potential difference" redirects here. For other uses, see Potential . Voltage Batteries are sources of voltage in many ...

Voltage source - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


... a current I Contents 1 Ideal voltage sources 2 Comparison between voltage and current sources 3 References and notes 4 See also Ideal voltage sources [ edit ] An ideal voltage source is a two-terminal device that maintains a fixed voltage ...

Voltage regulator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


... challenged and removed. (September 2010) A popular three pin +12 V DC voltage reg-ulator IC. A voltage regulator is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level. A voltage regulator may be a simple " feed-forward " design or ...

Voltage drop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


... be transmitted with less voltage drop if a higher voltage is used. More sophisticated te-chniques use active elements to compensate for the undesired voltage drop. Contents 1 Voltage drop in direct-current circuits: resistance 2 Voltage ...

Voltage divider - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


... a linear circuit that produces an output voltage ( V out ) that is a fraction of its input vo-ltage ( V in ). Voltage division refers to the partitioning of a voltage among the components of the divider. An example of a voltage divider ...

High-voltage direct current - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


... 9.3 Renewable electricity superhighways 10 See also 11 References 12 Further reading 13 External links High voltage transmission [ edit ] High voltage is used for electric power tr-ansmission to reduce the energy lost in the resistance of ...

Breakdown voltage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Breakdown voltage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Breakdown voltage From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search High voltage dielectric breakdown within a block of plexiglas The breakdown voltage of an insulator is ...

Voltage-regulator tube - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


... major differences: They rely on gas ionization , rather than Zener breakdown The unre-gulated supply voltage must be 15–20% above the nominal output voltage to ensure that the discharge starts The output can be higher than nominal if the ...

Voltage spike - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


... material may be challenged and removed. (April 2007) Voltage spike In electrical engi-neering , spikes are fast, short duration electrical transients in voltage ( voltage spikes ), current ( current spikes ), or transferred energy ( energy ...

Voltage-controlled oscillator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


... controlled oscillator or VCO is an electronic oscillator whose oscillation frequency is co-ntrolled by a voltage input. The applied input voltage determines the instantaneous oscilla-tion frequency. Consequently, modulating signals applied ...

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