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Proton Electromagnetic Structure


 Proton Electromagnetic Structure Proton Electromagnetic Structure Let us assume that the following is the proton electromagnetic structure: Proton Electric charge The proton el-ectric charge density distribution is given as: X coordinate ...

Electric binding energy between electron proton


... arrow. The electron and proton have the same spin direction. The distance of the electron and proton, from the center of the electron to the center of the proton, is 2d. Often written as Let 1 represent electron, 2 represent proton. Then ...

Pattern 2 proton configuration


Pattern 2 proton configuration Pattern 2 proton configuration Helium nuclide, one top proton and one bottom proton on the nucleus, fully fill the first period, to form the Helium nuclide. On the periodic table of elements, which is correspon ...

Nuclear Cubic Structure


... form the kernel of the nucleus whiles the proton is located on the surface of nucleus. Spin up proton Spin +1/2 Spin down proton Spin -1/2 Spin up neutron Spin 1/2 Spin down neutron Spin -1/2 The nuclide is characterized by the number of ...

Nuclear Cubic Structure Conclusion<


... direction; the spin of the center proton can be either up or down. Except the center proton, the spin of top layer proton is always contrary to the spin of bottom layer proton. On the four side of the nucleus (not include the top and ...

Atomic Nucleus


... of atomic nucleus by neutron number Nuclear Cubic Structure Proton Configuration Pattern 2 proton configuration Pattern 8 proton configuration Pattern 10 proton configuration Pattern 4 proton configuration High energy nuclear hafnium ...

High energy nuclear hafnium Isomer


... Proton: 72 Neutron: 106 Spin: 0 Stable Hf 178m2 Proton: 72 Neutron: 106 Spin:16 Hf 178 Hf 178m2 Hf178m2, the nuclide of 72 proton, 106 neutron, and nuclear spin of 16, is very unique by the combination of high nuclear spin of 16, very long ...

Proton Configuration


... surface of nuclide, the proton has four kind distribution number patterns as 2, 8, 10, 4. Pattern 2 distribution (2 proton rule) Pattern 2 proton, are the top proton and bottom proton. Pattern 2 distribution is for the period 1 only, the ...

Pattern 4 proton configuration


Pattern 4 proton configuration Pattern 4 proton configuration Pattern 4 proton distributions; only belong to period six and period seven. A total of eight elements, for the sixth period, to fill the full four F protons as of the elements Nd ...

Pattern 8 proton configuration


Pattern 8 proton configuration Pattern 8 proton configuration The pattern 8 proton is positi-oned at the eight corners of a cubic nuclide, on the periodic table of element, which corres-ponds to the pattern 8 block. Period 1 2   3 4 5 6 7 8 2 ...

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