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The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Microscopy


... Web Virtual Library: Microscopy Microscopy This page of the WWW-Virtual Library covers all aspects of light microscopy, electron microscopy and other forms of microscopy. Topics can be viewed individually, or as part of one long list . The ...

WWW-VL Microscopy: Scanned Probe Microscopy


... ALEX STM in the Weiss Group - chemistry and physics of atoms and molecules on sur-faces Scanned Tip and Electron Image Lab - SPM and electron imaging lab at the Univer-sity of Missouri at St. Louis Scanning Probe Microscopy Home Page - SPM ...

WWW-VL Microscopy: Image Galleries


... IBM House Ear Institute, Advanced Electron Microscopy and Imaging Center (AEMI) - EM images produced in the facility IBM Optical Microscope Views Images Approaching the At-omic Level Image Archives of MAS - images and electron diffraction ...

Nominations for the WWW-Virtual Library in Microscopy


... (above) and then reset the form with the next site. Return to WWW-VL: Microscopy Home Page . http://www.ou.edu/research/electron/www-vl/nominate.shtml

WWW-VL Microscopy: Crystallography and Diffraction


... Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, USA Rockefeller University - Darst Lab - structural aspects of bacterial transcription using Electron and X-ray Crystallography Serious about Cerius? - molecular simulation software SINCRIS - an information server ...

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Microscopy: Vendors


... and supplies Bitplane ag - image processing and database software design Calidris software - imaging and electron diffraction CamScan Electron Optics - SEMs, low vacuum mode SEM, microprobe Canberra - radiation detection and analysis ...

WWW-VL Microscopy: Techniques


... Technology, PiXISION - Jeol Site Differential Hysteresis Processing in Scanning Elec-tron Microscopy Differential Surface Composition Analysis by Multiple-Voltage Electron Beam X-Ray Spectroscopy Digital Image Processing Introduction - DBS ...

WWW-VL Microscopy: Educational Sites


... Virtual Library for Education - catalog of internet education sites Electron Microscopy at Madison Area Technical College - a two-year program in which students learn to operate electron microscopes and related equipment Extended Glossary ...

WWW-VL Microscopy: Materials Sciences-Related Sites


... State University Ceramics and Industrial Minerals Home Page Electron Microscopy at the Corrosion and Protection Centre - University of Manchester Institute of Science and Tech-nology Croneis Electron Microprobe & X-Ray Laboratories ...

WWW-VL Microscopy: Major Institutes and Facilities


... Nondestructive Evaluation Centre Interdepartemental de Microscopie Electronique CSIRO - Electron Microscopy Section - Australia House Ear Institute, Advanced Electron Micros-copy and Imaging Center (AEMI) - biomedical imaging, immunocytoche ...

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