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Palomar Community College District

www.palomar.edu/physics/physlets_quantum/contents/quantum/two_thr ...

Palomar Community College District eServices  |  Online Students |  College Directory  |  Site Index  |  Search  |  Contact Us Information for: Students | Faculty & Staff | Comm-unity | Employment | Alumni & Donors We're ... more pages

Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data - Volume 4, Issue 1


coupling of relaxation and diffusion in random pinning glass-forming liquids Terms & con-ditions Privacy Advertising Help Contacts Follow AIPP: Website © 2015 AIP Publishing LLC. Article copyright remains as specified within the article. ... more pages

Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data - Volume 20, Issue 6


Sheets for High‐Temperature Reactions. Part II N. Cohen  and K. R. Westberg Scitation Author Page PubMed Google Scholar Source: J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 20 , 1211 (1991) ; http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.555901 View Description Hide Descripti ... more pages

The Journal of Chemical Physics - Volume 21, Issue 6


method consists of a modified Monte Carlo integration over configuration space. Results for the two‐dimensional rigid‐sphere system have been obtained on the Los Alamos MANIAC and are presented here. These results are compared to the ... more pages

Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data - Volume 10, Issue 2


10/2 BROWSE_VIEW_TOC journal/journal.issue aip/jpcrd /content/aip/journal/jpcrd/10/2 jpcrd.aip.org/10/2/Right1,Right2,Right3 more pages

Symmetries and multiferroic properties of novel room-temperature ...


cene under strain Rui Qin , Chun-Hai Wang , Wenjun Zhu  and Yalin Zhang Scitation Au-thor Page PubMed Google Scholar Symmetries and multiferroic properties of novel room-t-emperature magnetoelectrics: Lead iron tantalate – lead zirconate ... more pages

Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data - Volume 3, Issue 1


io astronomy. Molecular data such as rotational constants, centrifugal distortion constants, hyperfine coupling parameters, and dipole moments are tabulated. A detailed centrifugal distortion calculation has been carried out for the most ... more pages

Applied Physics Reviews (1980-2013) -


a hybrid CO 2 laser and piezoelectric or optical detection of the acoustic transients. In view of a present controversy, special emphasis is put on the temperature dependence of the acoustic amplitudes in H 2 O, D 2 O, and in aqueous MgSO 4 ... more pages

Applied Physics Reviews (1980-2013) -


13362403a4a254fa758cb6527ba5 journal.issuezxybnytfddd Scitation: Applied Physics Reviews (1980-2013) - http://aip.metastore.ingenta.com/content/aip/journal/apr/1996/1 BR-OWSE_VIEW_TOC journal/journal.issue aip/apr /content/aip/journal/apr/199 ... more pages

Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data - Volume 14, Issue 2


More Less Recently Viewed Content Simultaneous imaging of the ferromagnetic and ferro-electric structure in multiferroic heterostructures Gas phase measurements of mono-fluoro-benzoic acids and the dimer of 3-fluoro-benzoic acid Wet chemical ... more pages

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