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Recipes for Greek Breads and Pites - Phyllo Pies


... Tsoureki Tsoureki, the sweet bread made at Easter, can also be made in a bread mac-hine to enjoy at any time. Homemade Phyllo Dough Phyllo dough is easy to make, and the difference when using it to make pitas and pastries is remarkable in ... more pages

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - Spiced Vegetable Phyllo Parcels


... in Baba Gannouj. Lay 1 sheet of phyllo on work surface. Brush entire sheet lightly with olive oil. Lay second sheet on top. Cut into 4 strips lengthwise. Place 1/8th of filling mixture at one end of each strip. Fold phyllo over to make a ... more pages

Phyllo Dough for Low Fat Pies and Pastries - Low Fat Phyllo


... Apple Tarts Phyllo Dough Recipes Cherry Turnovers Peach Tarts Pumpkin Pie Tips on Phyllo From Other Guides Phyllo Recipes and Techniques Tips on Handling Phyllo More Phyllo Tips Related Articles Low Fat Tomato Basil Phyllo Tart Acid Reflux ... more pages

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - Ratatouille in Phyllo


... around the world Use these links to buy from amazon and IVU gets up to 10%! Ratatouille in Phyllo From: Stephanie da Silva Still had about a dozen sheets of phyllo left, so to use them up, I made this. Turned out excellent, I'll have ... more pages

Mexican Food for Kids - Mexican Appetizers - Mexican Phyllo Cups - ...

kidscooking.about.com/od/snacksdipsappetizers/r/mexican-appetizer ...

... Cooking for Kids Newsletter! Sign Up Mexican Phyllo Cups By Stephanie Gallagher Me-xican Phyllo Cups Stephanie Gallagher Mexican Phyllo Cups These savory Mexican phyllo cups make a great appetizer or creative school lunch for kids. You can ... more pages

phyllo-nests recipe from FatFree


... apples are nice) in juice && serve in the phyllo nest w/ a bit of the poaching syrup dribbled over the top (maybe add a few whole berries to decorate). Assemble them at serving time so the phyllo will not get soggy. kwvegan vegan more pages

Recipe for Artichoke-parmesan Phyllo Bites - Recipe, Recipes, Food, ...

recipes.smashits.com/359-recipe-artichoke-parmesan-phyllo-bites.h ...

... wax paper (keep remaining phyllo covered). Lightly brush phyllo sheet with oil portion of reserved marinade; sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of remaining cheese. Top with another phyllo sheet; brush lightly with oil portion of reserved marinade. ... more pages

phyllo-pastries recipe from FatFree


... a slice of pineapple in a folded sheet of phyllo dough. I took their recipe and modified it a little and it worked very well: Phyllo Pies Fruit, drained - I used pineapple, cherries, and strawberries phyllo dough pam or other spray oil ... more pages

RecipeSource: Appetizer Recipes


... With Tarragon to Pancakes with Mushrooms Pan-Fried Veggie Wontons With Sesame Dip to Philly Free Simple Salsa Appetizer Phyllo Spinach Triangles to Pork Satay Pork Satay Appetizers to Raw Mushroom Appetizers Reader’s Digest Potato Skin ... more pages

Apple Phyllo Pie : Diet Recipes


... another sheet of phyllo and brush lightly with one third of the honey mixture. Repeat pro-cess with remaining 3 sheets of phyllo, spraying the third sheet and brushing the fourth lig-htly with another third honey mixture. Lift phyllo stack ... more pages

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