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Architect's Info Center - Nixalite of America


... been installed all over the world, on thousands of different surfaces, to control the widest variety of pest birds and nuisance animals. The Installation Showcase provides Case His-tories, Installation Photos and more. Installations: ...

Special Applications - Nixalite of America


... off areas over, under and around your chimney to keep animals and birds out. Fences may discourage people, but they are no obstacle to climbing animals. Many types of animals use the top of fences as safe and secure highway, staying safely ...

Premium Nixalite bird and animal control applications are nearly ...


... not only keeps a structure clean, but also eliminates the health risks and property damage caused by pest birds and nuisance animals. Premium Nixalite Bird Barriers Premium Nixa-lite barrier spikes are proven effective in controlling all ...

What are Premium Nixalite Bird Barrier Spikes and what can they do?


... performance helps to reduce the frequency and cost of exterior deterioration and mainte-nance caused by pest birds and nuisance animals. Inconspicuous The thin, stainless steel wire construction of the Premium Nixalite is virtually ...

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