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How Do You Trap an Atom? | MIT Video


... for demos, lab tours, and talks as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.  Researchers demonstrate the principle behind an atom trap with a model, then bring the kids into the lab to see the real thing. credit Josh Kastorf license MIT ... more pages

How Atoms Work | HowStuffWorks


... has been said that during the 20th century, man harnessed the power of the atom. We made atomic bombs and generated electricity by nuclear power . We even split the atom into smaller pieces called subatomic particles . Up Next How ... more pages

Atomic Materials Properties


Atomic Materials Properties Atomic Materials Properties Research The historical background of our group, as well as much of its current focus, lies in studying materials properties on an atomic scale from an ab initio perspective. Research ... more pages

Atomic Data for Astrophysics


Atomic Data for Astrophysics Atomic Data for Astrophysics Introduction What's new on this server? Photoionization Recombination Collisional ionization and autoionization Charge tr-ansfer Auger processes Energy levels, wavelengths, ... more pages

Center for Ultra-Cold Atoms Kids Day 2012 (Highlights) | MIT Video

video.mit.edu/watch/center-for-ultra-cold-atoms-kids-day-2012-hig ...

... for demos, lab tours, and talks as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.  Researchers demonstrate the principle behind an atom trap with a model, ... What is Cold? Physics , Event What is Cold? MIT-Harvard Center for Ultra-Cold Atoms ... more pages

Atoms and nuclei


... of Physics Institute of Physics Search Home Electricity Mechanics Vibrations and waves Fields Atoms and nuclei Energy Astronomy You are here > Atoms and nuclei Quantum ph-ysics Lasers Wave particle duality Radioactivity Accelerators and ... more pages

Heavy Atom Databank


Heavy Atom Databank more pages

Physics - spotlighting exceptional research


... Journalists APS Journals APS News Electronics Focus: Negative Resistance with a Single Atom December 30, 2016 Current flowing through a single silicon atom can be made to decrease with increasing voltage, potentially allowing the integrati ... more pages

Heavy Atom Databank


Heavy Atom Databank A general introduction and references to our work Examine Databank contents by subject catagories Examine Databank contents using search engine General information on heavy atoms, results of analysis etc Information for ... more pages

The Structure of Atoms

chemed.chem.wisc.edu/chempaths/GenChem-Textbook/The-Structure-of- ...

... radioactivity and transmutation implied that one kind of atom could change into another. This can he explained if atoms have structure. A change in that structure may produce a new kind of atom. Experiments with cathode -ray tubes ... more pages

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