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National High Magnetic Field Laboratory: Media Center


... Headlines News from the Lab Danke Schön, MagLab! The MagLab reached a milestone in the building of a ground-breaking new magnet now heading for Germany. It’s time to celebrate! Read more. More headlines Getting to Know Us Meet the ... more pages

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory: In-House Research


... Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy Affiliated Programs Magnet Lab Home In-House Re-search An in-house research program flourishes at the Magnet Lab. The program utilizes Magnet Lab facilities to pursue high field research at the forefront of ... more pages

WONDERMAGNET.COM - NdFeB Magnets, Magnet Wire, Books, Weird Science, ...


WONDERMAGNET.COM - NdFeB Magnets, Magnet Wire, Books, Weird Science, Needful Things FF Main | Products | Discussion Board | Magnet FAQ | Experiments | Uses+Demos | Links | About Us+Policies | Email Magnet Science Experiments We have had a ... more pages

Fridge Magnet|NdFeB Magnet|Magnetizer


... watches Fridge Magnet NdFeB Magnet Home Products Service Contact Us About Us Ma-gnetizer Site Map Products Sorts MAGNET Fridge Magnet NdFeB Magnet AlNiCo Magnet Fe-rrite Magnet SmCo Magnet Rubber Magnet Injection Magnet Bonded Magnet MAGTECH ... more pages

NdFeB Magnet,Alnico Fridge Ferrite Magnet,SmCo Magnet Manufacturer


... too. We supply all kinds of permanent magnets and magnetic materials, such as NdFeB Magnet , Alnico Magnet , SmCo Magnet , Ferrite Magnet , Fridge Magnet , Flexible Magnet , Magnetic Assembly , Magnetic Powder , Magnetic Compound , ... more pages

Magnet Development Lab Facilities


Magnet Development Lab Facilities Magnet Development Lab Facilities                   QPS-UT Home QPS-ORNL Home Participants Meeting Notes Publications Pictures Research Implementation Quality Assurance Procedures Contact Us   more pages

Magnet Paints Manufacturers High Performance Specialty Coatings


... repaint everything with Magnet Paints and are very pleased with the results and the cost savings. I've got about ten different companies trying to sell me paint,but they can't beat what I'm already getting with Magnet." "We ... more pages

Welcome to OeMag International Co., Ltd.


... OeMag International Co., Ltd.      Product Menu Company Product Production QC Co-ntact Us Home Magnet NdFeb Ferrite Bonded NdFeb SmCo AlniCo Flexible magnet AI203 Electromagnet Magnetic Healthy Product Magnetic Tool Magnetizer & ... more pages

CIRCE: Magnets


... Parameter List Technical Specs: Optical Functions & Beam Envelopes Dipole Chamber Vacuum Chamber Mirror M1 Sector Layout Magnet Specs Power Supplies RF System Work-shops Reviews Publications IR Ring Team ALS IR Home ALS Home LBNL Home ... more pages

MAGNET4LESS-APPLIED MAGNETS-Neodymium Magnets-Rare Earth Magn ...


... N52 Neodymium 2 in x 1 in x 1/2 in #8 DualSide CounterSunk Hole Magnet $10.29 --------- Unit Converter New Products History of Magnets Magnet Information Magnet Safety Wind Power Info Wind Turbine Warranty $0.99 'Magnetic Joe' ... more pages

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