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Quantum Optics: Home


... to the home page of Professor Jeff Kimble's quantum optics group at Caltech. The pri-mary goal of our research is to study the quantum mechanics of open systems. "Real-world" quantum mechanics takes into account the dissipation and ... more pages

Quantum Quackery - CSI


... the Skeptic’s Toolbox, Oliver Sacks and near-death experiences, and much more! Quantum Quackery Tweet Article Victor Stenger Volume 21.1, January / February 1997 Qua-ntum physics is claimed to support the mystical notion that the mind ... more pages

A Lazy Layman's Guide to Quantum Physics


A Lazy Layman's Guide to Quantum Physics A Lazy Layman's Guide to Quantum Physics   James Higgo 1999         What is Quantum Physics? That's an easy one: it's the sci-ence of things so small that the quantum nature of ... more pages

HP Labs : Quantum Information Processing (QIP)


... Consequently, aspects of genuine Quantum Information Processing could soon begin to be viable commercially. Areas of interest include: quantum computation quantum cryptog-raphy quantum teleportation and communication Group address: Quantum ... more pages

Quantum Mechanics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


... Academic Tools Friends PDF Preview Author and Citation Info Back to Top Quantum Mechanics First published Wed Nov 29, 2000; substantive revision Sat Feb 7, 2015 Quantum mechanics is, at least at first glance and at least in part, a ... more pages

Quantum Algorithm Zoo


Quantum Algorithm Zoo This is a comprehensive catalog of quantum algorithms. If you notice any errors or omissions, please email me at . Your help is appreciated and will be ac-knowledged . Algebraic and Number Theoretic Algorithms Algorithm: ... more pages

Home: Theoretical Physics, University of Leeds


... and Physical Sciences Theoretical Physics Home Search site Search: Topological Qu-antum Information Many Body Quantum Physics Quantum Information (Theory) Quantum Information (Experimental) Computational Biophysics FAST FACT: The mathematic ... more pages

SIUCQC Home Page


... Chi     FUNDED BY: COURSES   575:      Quantum Computing and Quantum Error Correction   530A:    Quantum Mechanics I   530B:    Quantum Mechanics II LINKS Group Publications CONFERENCES Some of our favorite journals: APS ... more pages

Quantum Gravity


Quantum Gravity Up to home page Quantum Gravity Quantum gravity is the study of theories which incorporate known gravitational and quantum phenomena. This usually involves the assumption that gravity is itself a quantum phenomenon. This can ... more pages

Quantum Information and Device Physics | Department of Applied ...


... Device Physics More Optical Physics and Devices Physics of Novel Materials Quantum Information and Device Physics Quantum Information and Device Physics The goal of res-earch on quantum information and devices in Applied Physics is to ... more pages

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