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relativity If you like this site please let others know. Tweet Relativity : A text book tutorial on the modern physics of Albert Einstein's theories of special relativity and general relativity. ã 2005 By David Waite Preface Unit I ... more pages

Special Relativity


Special Relativity Special Relativity These pages are ok as far as they go, but they are missing the planned highlight, to show you what things actually look like when you travel at near the speed of light. I hope to have the opportunity to ... more pages

UCSB Gravity


... square law! We in the gravity theory group explore the intricacies of the gravitational field as described through General Relativity and its generalizations. We are especially interested in black holes, gravitational entropy and thermodyn ... more pages

Relativity at UNB


Relativity at UNB   GENERAL RELATIVITY   and GRAVITATION The Department of Mat-hematics and Statistics offers programs of study leading to both M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. Together with the Department of Physics it operates the Program in ... more pages

General Relativity – The Physics Hypertextbook


General Relativity – The Physics Hypertextbook chaos eworld facts get bent physics The Physics Hypertextbook Opus in profectus …  mass-energy general-relativity planck  â€¦ General Relativity disc ussion summ ary prac tice ... more pages

Relativity Public Lecture Series | Physics Astrophysics | Arts & ...


... and Moon System Archive Astronomy Public Talk Relativity Public Lecture Series Reco-rded Presentations: Special Theory of Relativity (October 4, 2011) Geometry of Space and Time (October 11, 2011) General Relativity and Gravity (October 18, ... more pages

The Light Cone - An Illuminating Introduction to Relativity (by Rob ...


... The assignment for the PHY105 class WEB-ACCESSIBLE RELATIVITY Syracuse Uni-versity - PHY 312 (coming in Spring 1998) Syracuse University - Relativity Group Rob's RELATIVITY bookmarks Alta-Vista back-links to these pages (and its ... more pages

Special Relativity


Special Relativity Chapter 27 Opening Key Ideas Galilean Relativity Historical Background Einsteinean Relativity and SpaceTime Coordinates Simultaneity The Lorentz Transformat-ions Applications of the Lorentz Transformations Velocity ... more pages

TAPIR at Caltech


TAPIR at Caltech TAPIR at Caltech Theoretical AstroPhysics Including Relativity and Cos-mology Home People Professorial Faculty Research Faculty Postdoctoral Scholars Visiting Associates Visitors Students Staff Directory Research Opportunitie ... more pages

Cornell ART: Astrophysics & Relativity Theory


Cornell ART: Astrophysics & Relativity Theory Faculty David Chernoff Eanna Flanagan Dong Lai Richard Lovelace Edwin Salpeter Saul Teukolsky Ira Wasserman James York Jr. Senior Researchers Lawrence Kidder Thomas Loredo Marina Romanova ... more pages

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