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Matter Waves – The Physics Hypertextbook


... Wellenmechanik . Wave equation for matter reminiscent of Maxwell's equations for ele-ctromagnetic waves. The story I heard is that Schrödinger went to Switzerland with two go-als: to keep his mistress happy and to derive a wave ... more pages



... from electromagnetic waves, sound and even quantum mechanics. This section will explain the wave equation, waves on a string, sound and much more. Waves The Wave Equation Whats New? The Wave Equation Waves Centre of Mass Radioactivity ... more pages

Chapter 7: Wave Mechanics and Wave Particle Duality


Chapter 7: Wave Mechanics and Wave Particle Duality Chapter 7: Wave Mechanics and Wave Particle Duality Schrödinger's Wave Equation We introduced you to the wave-like nature of matter particles, or matter waves , in Chapter 5.  Erwin ... more pages

Gravitational Wave Astronomy


... is going on in the Physics Department this upcoming week. Research Groups Home Gr-avitational Wave Astronomy Gravitational Wave Group Page Gravitational Wave Group Fac-ulty Einstein @ Home NINJA Home Page Research Spotlight   Duncan Brown, ... more pages

(S-5) Waves and Photons


... for space to support a wave motion alternating between the two? Sort of: magnetic field ---> electric current ---> magnetic field ---> electric current --->     There was one st-umbling block. Such a wave could not exist in ... more pages

LSC - LIGO Scientific Collaboration


... clues to their origins Oct 12, 2016 Gravity Spy Is Launched Sep 14, 2016 LIGO Celebr-ates First Anniversary of Gravitational Wave Detection Sep 7, 2016 Advanced LIGO Engine-ering Team Wins OSA's 2016 Paul F. Forman Team Engineering ... more pages

Harry Collins's Gravitational Wave Project

www.cardiff.ac.uk/socsi/contactsandpeople/harrycollins/grav-wave- ...

Harry Collins's Gravitational Wave Project Skip to content Skip to navigation menu     Ca-rdiff School of Social Sciences   Harry Collins's Gravitational Wave Project Presentation of work on this website does not imply endorsement ... more pages

Oscillations and Waves


... Transmission at Interfaces; Electromagnetic Waves; Doppler Effect; Wave Propagation in Inhomogeneous Media; Exercises. 7. Multi-Dimensional Waves . Plane Waves; Thre-e-Dimensional Wave Equation; Cylindrical Waves; Spherical Waves; Oscillati ... more pages

Waves - Definition, Types & Function | Physics@TutorVista.com


... description of wave properties which includes wave intensity, wave number, wave freq-uency, energy of wave, wavelength etc. the motion of wave and its full study is physical phenomena. Let’s discuss wave properties and some examples of ... more pages

Maxwell2D: Animations of electromagnetic waves


... and refraction into the medium according to Snell's law, with a reduction of the wave speed. The animation shows two panels: the left shows the complete wave field, while the right shows just the component that is scattered (calculated ... more pages

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