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Electron Spectroscopy Group, Brookhaven National Laboratory


... CMPMSD Operational Plan SBMS Weather The Bulletin BNL Site Index Can't View PDFs? Electron Spectroscopy Group   Welcome to the home page for the Electron Spectroscopy Group, a member of the Condensed Matter Physics and Materials ... more pages

Electron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Electron From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is the latest accepted revision, acc-epted on 14 January 2015. Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Electron (dis-ambiguation). Electron Hydrogen atom orbitals at different energy ... more pages

List of Modules


... Aharonov-Bohm effect, magnetic monopoles, propagator and path integrals. Periodic Systems Periodic and continuous systems, Electrons in a solid. Scattering Scattering by a central potential, free spherical waves, partial waves, phase ... more pages

Physics - spotlighting exceptional researchFocus: LIGO Bags Another ...


... ysRevLett.116.238301 <p>The quantized electromagnetic field in a cavity can be used to accelerate the dynamics of electron transfer in molecular reactions.</p><img src="//d22iz-w7byeupn1.cloudfront.net/journals/PHYSICS/synops ... more pages

Jefferson Lab | Exploring the Nature of Matter


... for the ongoing 12 GeV Upgrade project. Operators of the Continuous Electron Beam Ac-celerator Facility delivered the first batch of 12 GeV electrons (12.065 Giga electron Volts) to its newest experimental hall complex, Hall D. A view down ... more pages

Berkeley Lab — Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


... harmful. Precise Location, Identity of All Atoms in a Nanoparticle Mapped Scientists used one of the world’s most powerful electron microscopes at the Molecular Foundry to map all 23,000 atoms in an iron-platinum nanoparticle. Insights ... more pages

Free-Electron Laser | Jefferson Lab


... linac, or ERL. Jefferson Lab’s FEL is the first of a new generation of accelerator-based light sources in which each electron circulates only once rather than being stored as it would be in a typical synchrotron light source. 12000 ... more pages



The qualifying examination is designed to test the student’s general knowledge of the fundamentals of physics.  The performance needed to pass this examination corresponds to a mature command of the material typically included in the ... more pages

TEL-Atomic: Electron Tubes


... Modular In compliance with DHEW radiation safety standards Systematic Study of the Electron With Teltron tubes properties of the free electron and the electron within the atom can be studied. A logical progression of experiments can be ... more pages

WebElements Periodic Table»Electron affinity»periodicity


... Period 6 Period 6d Period 6f s- and p-Block d-Block f-Block Electron affinity: periodicity THe electron affinity is the nergy required to detach an electron from the singly charged ne-gative ion (energy for the process X -> X + e). The ... more pages

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