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BooNE: Booster Neutrino Experiment


... sites. Neutrino Unbound Neutrino Unbound provides information on experimental and th-eoretical work on the physics of neutrinos. The Ultimate Neutrino Page A succinct synthesis of data from major neutrino experiments and important results ... more pages

What's a Neutrino?


... are unexpectedly very different from the known types. Each type or "flavor" of neutrino is related to a charged particle (which gives the corresponding neutrino its name).  Hence, the "electron neutrino" is associated with the electron, ... more pages

Neutrino - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Neutrino - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Neutrino From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search For other uses, see Neutrino (disambiguation) . Neutrino/Antineutrino The first use of a hydrogen bubble chamber to ... more pages

Heeger Group | Experimental Neutrino & Astroparticle Physics


Heeger Group | Experimental Neutrino & Astroparticle Physics Heeger Group | Experimental Neutrino & Astroparticle Physics home | research | papers&talks | teaching | group | res-ources | events | photostream | Heeger contact ... more pages

Official SuperKamiokande Press Release 06/05/98 (1)


... tubes that were manufactured for the experiment by Hamamatsu Corporation. By classif-ying the neutrino interactions according to the type of neutrino involved (electron-neutrino or muon-neutrino) and counting their relative numbers as a ... more pages

Fermilab | Science | Particle Physics | Neutrinos

www.fnal.gov/pub/science/particle-physics/experiments/neutrinos.h ...

... Neutrino Facility, LBNF , at Fermilab and the Sanford Underground Research Facility in South Dakota. Short-Baseline Neutrino Program The Short-Baseline Neutrino Program at Fermilab will look for a fourth neutrino, one that may not follow ... more pages

Fermilab | Neutrino Division | Home


... accelerator-based neutrino experiment led in 2000 to the discovery of the tau neutrino , the third of the three known types of neutrinos. The NuMI beamline and the Booster Neutrino beamline deliver high intensity neutrino beams to Fermilab ... more pages

MIT's Neutrino and Dark Matter Group


MIT's Neutrino and Dark Matter Group The Neutrino and Dark Matter Group Home Solar Ne-utrinos Neutrino Mass Neutrino Mixing Dark Matter Cosmology About Links News and Events Opportunities Publications For more information, contact: The ... more pages

BNL | Physics Department | Home


... collaboration working to precisely measure neutrino oscillations. ATLAS An experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider designed to detect particles created by proton-proton colli-sions. Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment An international ... more pages



... energies. A comparison of techniques has been summarized by Dr. P. Buford Price as indicated below: neutrino detection comparison plot and neutrino detection comparison table . Since the ice is very cold (typically -50 C) and very pure, ... more pages

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