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DAMTP » Relativity & Gravitation Group


DAMTP » Relativity & Gravitation Group Skip to content Search GR and Cosmology DAMTP All Maths Websites Email & phone list A–Z Contact us DAMTP Research Relativity & Gra-vitation Group Home About us Group Members Research ... more pages

Relativity and Black Hole links


Relativity and Black Hole links   Andrew Hamilton's Homepage   Falling into a Black Hole   A tour of Special Relativity   Cosmology links   ASTR 3740 Homepage (Spring 2004) Relativity and Black Hole links: Dec 2007: Many of the ... more pages

General relativity in the global positioning system


General relativity in the global positioning system General relativity in the global positioning system Neil Ashby University of Colorado n_ashby@mobek.colorado.edu The Global Position System (GPS) consists of 24 earth-orbiting satellites, ... more pages

General Relativity | Department of Physics


... on the interplay of general relativity, astrophysics, and cosmology. Recently my work has concentrated on gravitational waves and gravitational lensing: two uniquely powerful cos-mological probes furnished by general relativity. With the ... more pages

Space Time Travel – Relativity Visualized


Space Time Travel – Relativity Visualized Relativity visualized Space Time Travel Next  Prev Home      site map contact – Deutsch  English Overview News FAQ Visualization of the theory of relativity. Online papers, images, movies ... more pages

[physics/0302045] Nothing but Relativity


... the most general space-time transformation laws consistent with the principle of relativ-ity. Thus, our result contains the results of both Galilean and Einsteinian relativity. The velocity addition law comes as a bi-product of this ... more pages

Physics 252 Home


... Fowler, University of Virginia Home Lectures Special Relativity Galilean Relativity The Speed of Light Michelson-Morley Expt Special Relativity Time and length in relativity Relati-vity of simultaneity Lorentz transformations Consistency of ... more pages

Astrophysics, General Relativity and Cosmology

www.physics.cornell.edu/research/astrophysics-and-general-relativ ...

... rophysics, General Relativity and Cosmology Physics Cornell University Department of Physics Skip to content Home Research Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics Theoretical Condensed-Matter Physics Astrophysics, General Relativity and ... more pages

Department of Physics – General Relativity


Department of Physics – General Relativity skip navigation   Department Welcome Contact Location Job Opportunities History Academics Prospective Students Current Students De-gree Curricula Research Research Areas Condensed Matter Computati ... more pages

Special Relativity Simulator (Warp)


Special Relativity Simulator (Warp) Web Warp    Home    About    FAQ    Lessons    Downloads    Links    Further    Reading A Special Relativity Simulator Warp is a program used to illustrate the appearance of everyday ... more pages

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