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Lawn Alternatives - Eartheasy.com Solutions for Sustainable Living


... Common materials used for mulching include:   Grass Clippings Ideal for use as mulch, whether green or dry. Too thick a layer, however, will cause the clippings to mat together and reduce air flow. Use grass clippings in layers of an inch ... more pages

ornamental grasses


... feet tall during the summer, but unlike pampas grass and fountain grass it does not need to be trimmed back in winter.  Needs very little water.   Blue Oat Grass ( Helictotrichon sempervirens ) – looks like giant blue fescue grass, but ... more pages

Perennial Meadows | Design and plant perennials, flowers and grasses ...


... plantings, I like to place blocks of a single species of an ornamental grass for bold ar-chitectural impact. Planted in lines, tall grasses can make seasonal hedges and when the grass remains effective for most of the year they form part ... more pages

Grasses E-Z at Digging Dog | Luzula | Miscanthus | Panicum | Stipa


... Miscanthus, Muhlenbergia, Panicum, Schizachyrium, & Stipa View a slideshow of plant images from this page Elymus Wheat Grass Elymus magellanicus   The color of sky and sea, Elymus’s light blue glaucous blades gain intensity as the ... more pages



Personal Jesus' claims, paid for by His death on the cross, certified by His resurrection from the grave: Jesus is the only way Jesus is the absolute truth Jesus is the only source of eternal life more pages

Ornamental Grass Basics | Gardening Tips | Garden Guides


... a grass not a wood, even though it is very popular in… More How to Grow Purple Moor Grass If you are looking for a hardy, ornamental grass that is often favored by… More Orna-mental Grass Garden An ornamental grass garden is a garden ... more pages

Knoll Gardens | Ornamental Grasses and Flowering Perennials


... Flowering Perennials Designing with Grasses Want to know how to use grasses in your garden? How To How to look after a grass border (video) Look after grasses Calculate the number of plants you need Choose the Right Plants for your Garden ... more pages

Lawn Care


... seven days. Mow the grass an inch high. Use a thatcher, also called a power rake, to loosen the old grass and soil, then rake off the old grass. Spread grass seed fertilizer and also lime if needed. Spread grass seed evenly over the area. ... more pages

Grasses: Pampas and Ornamental Grasses for Sale | Athelas Plants


... from gravel gardens to solid lumpy clay. Visit our how to grow grass page for an in depth guide on how to get the best your grass. Browse our ornamental and pampas grass below for more information.     2 Product(s) Found Sort by Sort by ... more pages

Ornamental Grasses for Landscaping, Gardening, in Borders


... rnamental Grasses for Landscaping, Gardening, in Borders hardy field grown plants Blog      About Us      Contact Us Home   | Ornamental Grasses   | Willows   | Price List/Order   | Perennials   | Grass-Scapes Gallery  | ... more pages

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