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Ropel Outdoor Dog, Cat and Bird Repellent - Bird Control Products - ...


... ® Outdoor Here. Ropel Outdoor Dog, Cat and Bird Repellent An easy to apply, ready to use, area repellent that stops nuisance animals from damaging or defiling gardens, lawns, flower pots and landscaping. Item#   Description   Price   ... more pages

Animal Trapping Bait Kits


... & Opossum The Revenge Raccoon & Opossum Trapping Bait Kit gives you the ability to control even the craftiest nuisance animals in the entire year. The strong scent stays fresh for two weeks before any re-baiting is necessary. Our ... more pages

Information About Raccoons | Havahart's Wild Neighborhood


... or through biting. What’s more, many animals also carry harmful parasites that can “jump” to pets and humans. Taking appropriate steps to deter these nuisance animals from entering your yard or garden can greatly reduce your exposure ... more pages

Pests of Plants | UGA Extension


... Stats & Agencies Animals Field Crops Food, Farm, & Ornamentals Businesses Forages Forestry Fruits & Vegetables Organic Agriculture Pests Nuisance Animals Pests of Animals Pests of Humans Pests of Plants Weeds Soil Testing & ... more pages

How to Get Rid of Rats, Raccoons & Squirrels | eHow


... Department of Environmental Protection: Squirrel Nuisance Problems Illinois Department of Public Health: Norway Rats Urban Wildlife: Dealing with Nuisance Animals Photo Credit raccoon image by masteraz from Fotolia.com Get Free Quotes from ... more pages

Living with wildlife: Minnesota DNR


... material assistance Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management   University of Mi-nnesota Extension Service tips   Nuisance animals Bats Bears Beavers Coyotes Crows Deer Geese Gulls Rabbits Raccoons Sandhill cranes Snakes Turkeys ... more pages

Havahart 2 door mouse trap #1020


... shrews, and voles. Two gravity action doors 10”L x 3”W x 3"H Ideal for catching: mice, shrews, and similar-size nuisance animals. Great for use as vole traps, too! Humane mouse trap - smoothed internal edges protect and prevent ... more pages

Havahart Raccoon trap #1050


... doors These large raccoon traps are also ideal for catching opussums and similar-size nuisance animals. These live traps have smoothed internal edges to protect and prevent injuries to animals. Trigger rod is located outside of the trap so ... more pages

Sale Items


... gardeners, homeowners, animal control officers, pest control operators, and professi-onal wildlife managers to relocate nuisance animals without harming them.     Made of st-urdy wire mesh, galvanized for maximum resistance of rust and ... more pages

Pest Control | Bizrate


... durability. It features 2 spring-loaded doors with sensitive triggers to ensure that your game gets caught. Great for nuisance animals and... more More like this Find other Pest Control... Product Detail From Bass Pro Shops With Free ... more pages

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