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Fermilab History and Archives Project | Fixed Target Program - ...


... arms salvage Neutrino train (March, 1977) Accelerator team wins praise (June, 1977) Geodesic dome at Lab A receives copper face lift (December, 1982) PHOTOS Neutrino dome under construction, 1971 Neutrino Dome , February 24, 1972 Argonne ... more pages



... neutrinos, with inconclusive outcomes. Now, a new result has all but ruled out the pos-sible existence of a light sterile neutrino in a regime suggested by an earlier experiment. Researchers from two major international collaborations—the ... more pages



-50.ps nearspectra.ps prof.ps muon-acc.ps kerry.ps minos_wbb.ps icanoe_event.ps forty_fig3.ps flux_xy.ps flux_d.ps fig_v4.ps fig_v3.ps fig_v1.ps f2kevt.ps elept.ps draft2.ps cc_r-ates_fig.ps bobnew.ps bob3.ps bob2.ps bob1.ps draft1.tex ... more pages

Welcome to the Department of Physics | Physics


... through the earth aimed at the Super-Kamiokande neutrino detector deep inside a mou-ntain 180 miles away on the other side of Japan. Professor Marino was also a team member in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO), one of the other ... more pages

Department of Physics & Astronomy: Home


... The team also performed most of the analysis.  The research paper can be found  here . The Majorana neutrino is a heavy kind of neutrino.  Its mass is tied together with the mass of an ordinary or “Standard Model” neutrino, the ... more pages

Neutrino Oscillations


... not as a single wave, but as pre-packaged combination of two. The reason is that neu-trinos are produced in weak interactions, as either an electron neutrino, a muon neutrino, or a tau neutrino. But what if the electron neutrino itself acts ... more pages

Welcome | Department of Physics


... our faculty have played key roles in a myriad of important research efforts. Previous Pause Next Antarctic Neutrino Detector Firms Up Cosmic Neutrino Sighting As the giant physics machine restarts, the essential role of UW in the LHC ... more pages



... neutrinos seem to be stable. Leptons come in pairs; each neutrino has a charged part-ner. The electron neutrino is paired with the electron, the muon neutrino with the muon and the tau neutrino with the tau. They are created only in pairs ... more pages

Imagine the Universe! Dictionary


... a nearby star shining on a cloud of hydrogen gas. A planetary nebula results from the explosion of a solar-like type star. neutrino A fundamental particle produced in massive nu-mbers by the nuclear reactions in stars; they are very hard to ... more pages

BooNE: Booster Neutrino Experiment


BooNE: Booster Neutrino Experiment about BooNE     about neutrinos     virtual tour     BooNE at work Intensity Frontier  |  Home  |  News & Events  |  Collaboration  |  For Physicists  |  Contact    News & ... more pages

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