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Review of Scientific Instruments


... Author Page PubMed Google Scholar Fabry–Perot cavity pulsed Fourier transform micr-owave spectrometer with a pulsed nozzle particle source T. J. Balle  and W. H. Flygare Sci-tation Author Page PubMed Google Scholar More Less Latest ... more pages

Physics of Plasmas (1994-present)


... /10.1063/1.4875726 Coulomb collisions at rate ν produce slightly probabilistic rather than fully deterministic charged particle trajectories in weakly collisional plasmas. Their diffusive velocity scattering effects on the response to a ... more pages

Applied Physics Reviews (1980-2013) -


... Recently Viewed Content High frequency magneto-dielectric effects in self-assembled ferrite-ferroelectric core-shell nanoparticles Nonlinear dynamics in pulsatile secretion of parathyroid hormone in normal human subjects Electrical ... more pages

Applied Physics Reviews (1980-2013) -


chniques being developed to solve them. Add to my favorites Export citation BibT E X En-dNote Plain text RefWorks Email this Novel magnetic applications of high‐ T c bulk super-conductors: Lenses for electron beams By Hidenori Matsuzawa ... more pages

A mechanics baseline test


A mechanics baseline test 1887 Advanced Volume/Page Publication: The Physics Teacher Vol: Page: Publishers Publications Topics Collections | Librarians Authors AIP Publishing AVS: Science & Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and ... more pages

Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data - Volume 5, Issue 3


epitaxial growth of TiO 2 on RuO 2 nanorods with reactive sputtering Air stable n-doping of WSe2 by silicon nitride thin films with tunable fixed charge density High-efficiency organic light-emitting diodes utilizing thermally activated ... more pages

The theory of equilibrium magnetic properties of granulated magnetic ...


The theory of equilibrium magnetic properties of granulated magnetic materials 1887 Adv-anced Volume/Page Publication: Low Temperature Physics Vol: Page: Publishers Public-ations Topics Collections | Librarians Authors AIP Publishing AVS: ... more pages

Applied Physics Reviews - Volume 2, Issue 2


a required field Please enter a valid email address 38d913362403a4a254fa758cb6527ba5 journal.issuezxybnytfddd Scitation: Applied Physics Reviews - Volume 2, Issue 2 http://aip.metastore.ingenta.com/content/aip/journal/apr2/2/2 BROWSE_VIEW_T ... more pages

Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data - Volume 31, Issue 2


... of Hyperfine Structure of NH3 in a ``Maser'' Oscillator Vibrational resonance in neuron populations Single mineral particle makes an electron point source Terms & conditions Pr-ivacy Advertising Help Contacts Follow AIPP: ... more pages

Velocity map imaging of ions and electrons using electrostatic ...


... imaging technique. This combination of ion lens optics and 2D detection makes “vel-ocity map imaging” possible, i.e., all particles with the same initial velocity vector are mapped onto the same point on the detector. Whereas the more ... more pages

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