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Review of Scientific Instruments


sign does not require modification to the microCT machine, and is easily installed and re-moved. Our custom cold stage represents a cost-effective solution for refrigerating CT sam-ples for imaging, and is especially useful for shared ... more pages

Physics of Plasmas (1994-present)


... ‐acoustic wave mode A. Barkan , R. L. Merlino  and N. D’Angelo Scitation Author Page PubMed Google Scholar Electron, photon, and ion beams from the relativistic interaction of Petawatt laser pulses with solid targets Stephen P. Hatchett ... more pages

Applied Physics Reviews (1980-2013) -


ties includes material on the phase diagram and liquidus curve, thermal expansion coeffi-cient as a function of temperature, specific heat and equivalent Debye temperature behavior, and thermal conduction. The discussion of optical properties ... more pages

Applied Physics Reviews (1980-2013) -


chniques being developed to solve them. Add to my favorites Export citation BibT E X En-dNote Plain text RefWorks Email this Novel magnetic applications of high‐ T c bulk super-conductors: Lenses for electron beams By Hidenori Matsuzawa ... more pages

A mechanics baseline test


A mechanics baseline test 1887 Advanced Volume/Page Publication: The Physics Teacher Vol: Page: Publishers Publications Topics Collections | Librarians Authors AIP Publishing AVS: Science & Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and ... more pages

Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data - Volume 5, Issue 3


epitaxial growth of TiO 2 on RuO 2 nanorods with reactive sputtering Air stable n-doping of WSe2 by silicon nitride thin films with tunable fixed charge density High-efficiency organic light-emitting diodes utilizing thermally activated ... more pages

The theory of equilibrium magnetic properties of granulated magnetic ...


The theory of equilibrium magnetic properties of granulated magnetic materials 1887 Adv-anced Volume/Page Publication: Low Temperature Physics Vol: Page: Publishers Public-ations Topics Collections | Librarians Authors AIP Publishing AVS: ... more pages

Applied Physics Reviews - Volume 2, Issue 2


a required field Please enter a valid email address 38d913362403a4a254fa758cb6527ba5 journal.issuezxybnytfddd Scitation: Applied Physics Reviews - Volume 2, Issue 2 http://aip.metastore.ingenta.com/content/aip/journal/apr2/2/2 BROWSE_VIEW_T ... more pages

Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data - Volume 31, Issue 2


trapolated up to extremely high pressures and temperatures. In addition to the IAPWS-95 formulation, independent equations for vapor pressure, the densities, and the most impo-rtant caloric properties along the vapor–liquid phase boundary, ... more pages

Velocity map imaging of ions and electrons using electrostatic ...


... are compared with those of grid electrodes. The photodissociation processes occurring in molecular oxygen following the two-photon Rydberg excitation around 225 nm are presented here to show the improvement in spatial resolution in the ion ... more pages

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