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The Proton-Proton Chain


The Proton-Proton Chain   The Proton-Proton Chain There are two sequences of reactions that can convert hydrogen to helium and thereby release energy that are important in stars. The Proton-Proton or PP Chain, which is important in stars ... more pages

Positive Ions


... hydrogen is H, but for the proton it is H+. The next heavier atom is that of helium (che-mical symbol He) and it contains two electrons. Its nucleus consists of two protons and also two neutrons , particles similar to the proton but with no ... more pages

Proton Transfer Reactor Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (PTR-TOF-MS)


Proton Transfer Reactor Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (PTR-TOF-MS) Home Products Components Specials Applications Support About us Contact us Select language: English 中国语文 (most pages are English only) Products PTR-TOFMS High ... more pages

Los Alamos National Lab: National Security Science


... Cosmology Sensors, Instrumentation Systems Science Facilities DARHT Electron Micr-oscopy Lab Ion Beam Materials Lab MaRIE Proton Radiography Trident Laser Facility Rese-arch Library Publications Science Briefs Science Programs Applied Energy ... more pages

Brookhaven National Laboratory — a passion for discovery


... Tuesday, 4/28: 'What Are Climate Models Good For?' Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Smashes Record for Polarized Proton Luminosity at 200 GeV Collision Energy Long-Sought Magnetic Mechanism Observed in Exotic Hybrid Materials Our ... more pages

BNL | Physics Department | Home


... of the RHIC spin program, particularly for polarimetry. RIKEN BNL Research Center Con-ducts quantum chromodynamics and proton spin structure research. Nuclear Theory Conducts research to understand many body aspects of QCD, including the ... more pages

Atomic number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


... Rutherford-Bohr model and van den Broek 1.3 Moseley's 1913 experiment 1.4 The proton and the idea of nuclear electrons 1.5 The discovery of the neutron makes Z the proton nu-mber 2 The symbol of Z 3 Chemical properties 4 New elements 5 ... more pages



top Beta Delayed Proton Decay   more pages

Two-Proton Decay in Iron-45


...   |   Images from Physics   |   Physics Images Archive   |   Two-Proton Decay in Ir-on-45 Two-Proton Decay in Iron-45 Image of tracks of two protons emitted in the decay of iron-45; research appearing in the journal Physical Review ... more pages

Protons - 88-Inch Cyclotron


... 1E7 to 1E8  protons/cm2-sec range . Higher levels of flux are monitored using intermit-tent faraday cup readings. Standard proton energies include 13.5, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 55 MeV, and  are performed in air in Cave 4A . Energies below 10 ... more pages

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