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Review of Scientific Instruments


... analysis strategies. Effects from free charge carriers in two dimensional confinement and in a volume material, as well as quantum mechanical effects (inter-Landau-level transit-ions) are observed and discussed exemplarily. Contactless ... more pages

Physics of Plasmas (1994-present)


Author Page PubMed Google Scholar Development of the indirect‐drive approach to iner-tial confinement fusion and the target physics basis for ignition and gain By John Lindl Sc-itation Author Page PubMed Google Scholar Effects of velocity ... more pages

Applied Physics Reviews (1980-2013) -


ties includes material on the phase diagram and liquidus curve, thermal expansion coeffi-cient as a function of temperature, specific heat and equivalent Debye temperature behavior, and thermal conduction. The discussion of optical properties ... more pages

Applied Physics Reviews (1980-2013) -


... Hide Description This article reviews our recent works on frequency control of semicond-uctor lasers. The magnitudes of quantum noise limited frequency modulation(FM)noise, realized by the negative electrical feedback, are given for four ... more pages

A mechanics baseline test


A mechanics baseline test 1887 Advanced Volume/Page Publication: The Physics Teacher Vol: Page: Publishers Publications Topics Collections | Librarians Authors AIP Publishing AVS: Science & Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and ... more pages

Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data - Volume 5, Issue 3


... contain transitions of the types m s − n p , m p − n s , and m p − n d , with 2? m ?4 ( m is the lower principal quantum number) and 3? n ?7. Since most recommended data were determined from a nonrelativistic analysis, hydrogenic ... more pages

The theory of equilibrium magnetic properties of granulated magnetic ...


... itution 6 3 Full text loading... Most read this month Article content/aip/journal/ltp Journal 5 3 Most cited this month Quantum bits with Josephson junctions (Review Article) G. We-ndin  and V. S. Shumeiko Scitation Author Page PubMed ... more pages

Applied Physics Reviews - Volume 2, Issue 2


... performance is further discussed, which has been recently demonstrated by using highly mismatched alloys and high-density quantum dot arrays and superlattice. IBSCs having widely different structures, materials, and spectral responses are ... more pages

Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data - Volume 31, Issue 2


trapolated up to extremely high pressures and temperatures. In addition to the IAPWS-95 formulation, independent equations for vapor pressure, the densities, and the most impo-rtant caloric properties along the vapor–liquid phase boundary, ... more pages

Velocity map imaging of ions and electrons using electrostatic ...


Velocity map imaging of ions and electrons using electrostatic lenses: Application in ph-otoelectron and photofragment ion imaging of molecular oxygen 1887 Advanced Volume/Page Publication: Review of Scientific Instruments Vol: Page: ... more pages

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