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Experimental Basis of Special Relativity


... tests. Textbooks with good summaries of the experimental basis of relativity are: M. Born, Einstein's theory of Relativity . Bergmann, Introduction to the Theory of Relativity . Moller, The Theory of Relativity . M. von Laue, Die ... more pages

Gravity Probe B: Testing Einstein's Universe


... detailing the science, the technologies, and the data analysis of this landmark test of Einstein's general theory of relativity, has been published in Classical and Quantum Gravity . Quick Links FAQ (Revised Jun 2014) Press Information ... more pages

HSAA Chapter 10 Table of Contents


HSAA Chapter 10 Table of Contents Chapter 10 Relativity Links to WWW resources Special relativity......................................... 246 Lorentz transformation..................................... 246 4-Vector transformation........... ... more pages

Cambridge Relativity


National Cosmology Supercomputer Cosmology Black holes Cosmic strings et al Inflation Quantum gravity Movies Research Home Page Stephen Hawking Credits Copyright 1996 University of Cambridge [Cosmology] [Black holes] [Cosmic strings] ... more pages

Special Relativity


Special Relativity Application of the Lorentz Transformations To use the Lorentz Transfor-mations, we must decide how to measure a moving meterstick or a moving rocket ship. It sounds simple enough. But if you will think on this for a moment, ... more pages

General Relativity and Gravitation - Springer


... Journal History) Description General Relativity and Gravitation is a journal devoted to all aspects of modern gravitational science, and published under the auspices of the Interna-tional Society on General Relativity and Gravitation. The ... more pages

Special Relativity by Hans Ohanian


Special Relativity by Hans Ohanian Home Software Video Books Ordering Contact Us About Us Special Relativity: A Modern Introduction 1st Edition Introductory Textbook on Special Relativity by Hans C. Ohanian Published by Physics Curriculum ... more pages

The Confrontation between General Relativity and Experiment


... General Relativity and Experiment Vol. 9 (2006) > lrr-2006-3 url: http://www.livingrevi-ews.org/lrr-2006-3 doi: 10.12942/lrr-2006-3 Living Rev. Relativity  9 (2006), 3 The Conf-rontation between General Relativity and Experiment Clifford ... more pages

Sean Carroll: Lecture Notes on General Relativity


Sean Carroll: Lecture Notes on General Relativity Lecture Notes on General Relativity This set of lecture notes on general relativity has been expanded into a textbook, Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction to General Relativity , ... more pages

Falling into a Black Hole


... of a mini black hole Black Hole Quiz   Forward to Approaching the Black Hole   Andrew Hamilton's Homepage   Other Relativity and Black Hole links index | movies | approach | orbit | singularity | dive | Schwarzschild | wormhole | ... more pages

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