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Chapter 8 Waves


... and therefore the velocity remains the same. The amplitude of a wave is the distance from a crest to where the wave is at equilibrium. The amplitude is used to measure the energy transferred by the wave. The bigger the distance, the ... more pages

AIGO- a gravitational wave telescope for the southern hemisphere


AIGO- a gravitational wave telescope for the southern hemisphere   Home   Gravitational Waves  The Quest to discover Einstein's Waves Gravitational Waves  Gravitational Wave  Science  For Scientists  For all Listen to some ... more pages

New Mexico State University - Department of Physics


... been predicted but never observed. The gravitational waves were detected on September 14, 2015 at 5:51 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (09:51 UTC) by both of the twin Laser Inte-rferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors, located ... more pages

Solar Wave Theory Group website


Solar Wave Theory Group website Solar Wave Theory Group (SWAT) Home About Staff Research Publications Outreach Useful links Contact us In this section SWAT Publications overview Refereed publications Simulations Current work In press ... more pages

Physics - spotlighting exceptional researchFocus: LIGO Bags Another ...


... the magnetic boundary between the Earth and the solar wind. [Physics 9, 36] Published Tue Apr 05, 2016]]> Focus: Space Wave Gives Electrons a Shove Michael Schirber 2016-04-05T10:00:00-04:00 Personal use only, all commercial or other ... more pages

Waves and optics | Physics | Khan Academy


... formula for observed frequency (Video) Doppler effect formula when source is moving away (Video) When the source and the wave move at the same velocity (Video) Mach nu-mbers (Video) Specular and diffuse reflection (Video) Specular and ... more pages

Physics Home


... Research Biophysics and Biomaterials Computational Physics Condensed Matter Physics Experimental Astrophysics Gravitational Wave Astronomy High Energy Experimental Physics Medical Physics Medium Energy Physics Theoretical Cosmology & ... more pages

GCSE.com: revising waves revision


... Waves Waves exist everywhere in the universe, both large and small scales. Learn more here: What Waves Do Types of Wave Wave Definitions Wave Speed Sound Pitch & Volume Ultrasound Electromagnetic Spectrum   Reflection Refraction ... more pages

NEIU Waves & Oscillations Demonstrations


... . Tacoma Narrows Video . Wilberforce Pendulum . Coupled Pendula . Wave Motion Pulse On Rope Wave Machine Slinky: Longitudinal Pulses and Waves Standing Waves Bell in a Vacuum Doppler Ball Shock Wave Video Moire Pattern Transparencies ... more pages



... is the vertical distance from the centre of the wave to a peak or trough. $k$ is the waven-umber or sometimes called the wave vector this is really a constant that is associated with how fast the wave cycles with position $x$. $\omega$ is ... more pages

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