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GardenBanter.co.uk - View Single Post - fresher


... some common topics? Equipment, growing practices, garden design, soil preparation and fertiliser, irrigation, hothouses, nuisance animals, problems with growing specific plants are some off the top of my head. You could download a few 100 ... more pages

Using Compost in the Home Garden


... were fed hay with weed seeds or if seeds blew into a pile of manure. Pet Manure Do not add companion animal (cat, dog, etc.) feces to compost as this increases the incidence of nuisance animals rummaging through the compost pile and ... more pages

Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit for Gardens


... ground hogs, skunks and other pest animals of similar size. Powered by 4 D-cell batte-ries (not included), Garden Protector uses a mild but persuasive shock to teach nuisance animals to keep away from the Garden Protector. Each Garden ... more pages

Havahart one door squirrel cage #1077


... door These squirrel traps are also ideal for catching rabbits, skunks, minks and simila-r-size nuisance animals Smoothed internal edges protect and prevent injuries to animals Trigger rod is located outside of the trap so animal cannot ... more pages

Traps for Rabbits


... Rabbits Traps for Rabbits For trapping rabbits, skunks, large squirrels, and similar-size nuisance animals Two spring loaded doors Smoothed internal edges protect and prevent injuries to animals Efficacy proven in extensive field testing ... more pages

Scenic Rim Regional Council - Declared pest plants


... Animal Management Animal registration and licences Declared pest animals Declared pest plants Keeping domestic pets Noisy and nuisance animals Prohibited and dangerous animals Wildlife Cemeteries Search Cemeteries Council nursery Free ... more pages

Welded Wire Mesh Barriers


...         Nixalite offers full rolls of both stainless steel and galvanized wire mesh barriers. Ideal for keeping out nuisance animals and birds, the welded wire mesh barriers can be cut to fit, molded into shapes and installed over, ... more pages

Pestfree.co.uk - Cats and Dogs


... Repeller Gun with Laser Light Sighting The Scatter-cat Repels Cats, Dogs, Squirrels and other nuisance animals without harm Effectively Target Animals up to 20 Metres away £12.99 More Info   more pages

Mosman Council


... l Parking Parking Fines Your Property Trees Fencing Undergrounding of Overhead Po-wer Lines Gardens Weeds, Pests and Nuisance Native Animals Rock Faces and Retainin-g Walls Rates Pets and Animals Responsible Pet Ownership Dog and ... more pages

Can Cabbage Kill Raccoons? | eHow


... Off a Raccoon Omnivore Diet Raccoons eat plants and animals, including garden-grown and wild cabbage. Other plants raccoons like are berries, acorns, grapes and corn. The raccoon also eats small animals such as mice, insects, worms, fish ... more pages

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