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SAT or ACT? Which is the Better Exam, the SAT or the ACT?


... reading questions act scores mdash achievement test From the article: SAT, ACT, Both or Neither? Most colleges will accept either SAT or ACT scores. The SAT is purportedly an aptitude test that assesses your verbal and reasoning abilities, ... more pages

Freshman Application | Admission


... Application Checklist Consider which deadline is right for you, and view non-refundable application fees Have your SAT/ACT scores sent directly from the testing agency Request your high school transcript and school forms from your high ... more pages

Understanding Your SAT and ACT Results

www.collegeview.com/articles/article/understanding-your-sat-and-a ...

... choosing a school, how to apply, preparing for exams, and more Understanding Your SAT and ACT Results Decipher how well you did on the exam Share Interpreting SAT and ACT results can be as difficult as taking the tests themselves. But you ... more pages

Stanford University - GPA and Test Scores Needed for Admission

collegeapps.about.com/od/GPA-SAT-ACT-Graphs/ss/stanford-admission ...

... for Admissi... University of Portland - GPA, SAT and ACT Scores Needed for Admission University of Rhode Island - GPA, SAT Scores and ACT Scores Needed for Admi... Univ-ersity of Denver - GPA, SAT Scores and ACT Scores Needed for Admission ... more pages

Find Colleges - Major, Public / Private, In-State / Out-of-State, SAT ...


... Loans at PrivateStudentLoans.com Tuition Find colleges by tuition. SAT Scores Find colleges by SAT Math and Critical Reasoning scores of incoming freshmen. ACT Scores Find colleges by ACT Composite scores of incoming freshmen. Degrees ... more pages

SAT & ACT Testing - CollegeLab's Approach


SAT & ACT Testing - CollegeLab's Approach CollegeLab   866-377-6895 toll free     SAT, ACT & AP Testing The SAT I test that premiered in March 2005 increases the benefit-s of tutoring, practice and learning test strategies.  ... more pages

SAT Vs. ACT: Which Test Should I Take? - College Toolkit

colleges.collegetoolkit.com/guides/test_prep/ACT_vs_SAT_Which_Tes ...

... Wrong Answer Penalty The SAT deducts ¼ of a point for every wrong answer, except for math grids. With the ACT, wrong answers are not penalized. Score History For both the SAT and ACT, you decide which scores are sent to the college or ... more pages

Taking the SAT/ACT


... Visit our help portal to get your questions answered!   Taking the SAT/ACT     The SAT and the ACT are standardized tests used for college admissions. The SAT assesses col-lege readiness by testing critical reading, mathematical ... more pages

The SAT vs. the ACT | SAT ACT Comparison


The SAT vs. the ACT | SAT ACT Comparison | Follow @theprincetonrev | Student Tools | Login * * Well, if it isn't our favorite student...   Enter password   Remember Me I forgot my username I forgot my password | Register First day? ... more pages

Pomona College - GPA and Test Scores Needed for Admission

collegeapps.about.com/od/GPA-SAT-ACT-Graphs/ss/pomona-college-gpa ...

... Enough to Get into a... Learn about the Ivy League Schools Learn about the Top 10 Uni-versities in the U.S. Tips and Strategies for the 5 Common Applicatio... See More About: pomona college sat scores act scores gpa california colleges By ... more pages

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