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Physics Buzz: January 2008


... switching the side that attract metal and the side that repels it. Magnets exist because of because of the same phenomena as electricity (hence, ELECTROMAGNETISM!), so there is literally a switch in the direction that electrons flow. The ...

Physics Buzz: July 2014


... online store . Read the rest of the post . . . Posted by Hyperspace at 7/21/2014 03:12:00 PM 2 comments   Labels: comics , electricity and magnetism , light and optics , Spectra

Physics Buzz: September 2012


... via flickr. Read the rest of the post . . . Posted by Hyperspace at 9/24/2012 05:00:00 PM 4 comments   Labels: chaos , electricity , magnetism , radio Friday, September 21, 2012 See-Through Soil Could Improve Crops Newly developed ...

Physics Buzz: July 2009


... trying to turn fusion into a source of energy , really. That means working with 150-milli-on-degree gases. He says electricity from fusion might be only 20 years away, if we can muster the brain power and the dollars. Because my reaction is ...



... the sun, guided back down by powerful magnetic field lines. Physics in Pictures by Topic Chaos Compression Waves & Sound Electricity & Magnetism Force & Motion Light & Optics Material Science Quantum Mechanics Space & ...

Physics Buzz: August 2009


... probably don't know that today is the 232nd birthday of another Hans Christian, a phys-icist who changed the way we see electricity and magnetism. Hans Christian Ørsted didn't pen any fairy tales, although he was a contemporary of ...

Physics Buzz: January 2011


... atoms together, for bonding atoms into molecules, for impelling the movement of elec-trons through wires in the form of electricity, and for light waves. The strong nuclear force holds nuclei together and is responsible for some kinds of ...

Physics Buzz: November 2009


... he goes on to explain, can be used as a source of charge for any static electricity expe-riments, thus proving that lightning isn't the wrath of the gods but a form of electricity. As commentator Mark Miodownik writes, "It worked and, ...

Physics Buzz: June 2008


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