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<em> Copied to UCI by franklin@uci.edu, 15-July-94, from <br> <a href="http:QQ"> <samp> http:QQ </samp></a> </em> <hr>

UCI Educational Technology Task Force Final Report


gh-level administration. (For example, IBM might agree to support UCI to develop prototype CD-ROM, interactive, computer-mediated courseware at, say, $4 million per complete course, only if high-level UCI administrators endorse UCI's ...

This is not Official


This is not Official This is not Official

Realities of E-Mail


Realities of E-Mail Realities of E-Mail Electronic mail is a relatively new form of commun-ication providing advanced capabilities for information exchange, processing transactions, broadcasting announcements and carrying on simple conversati ...

File Upload Test


File Upload Test File Upload Test Send this file:

HTML Color Codes


HTML Color Codes HTML Color Codes According to the HTML 3.2 Reference Specification Colors are given in the sRGB color space as hexadecimal numbers (e.g. COLOR="#C0FFC0" ), or as one of 16 widely understood color names. These colors were ...

UCI ICS 1C Syllabus, Winter 1995


UCI ICS 1C Syllabus, Winter 1995 ICS 1C, Winter 1995 Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval MWF 11-11:50 Moved to Engineering Tower 202 Engineering Tower is the building across the plaza from Computer Sciences Engineering Tower 202 is ...

Compact Navigation


Compact Navigation Compact Navigation One way to make several links available in a rel-atively limited space. -- Click here make your selection -- Shohreh Bozorgmehri Steve Fra-nklin Eric Friedman Carol Jackson Leonard Megliola Dana Roode ...



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Times Around the World


Times Around the World Times Around the World Irvine, California, USA Adelaide, South Australia, Australia Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Baltimore, Maryland, USA Bangalore, Karnataka, India Bangkok, Thailand Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA ...

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