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... are running structural studies using extensive numerical simulations on a supercomputer to study the motion of more than 500 atoms. Most recent articles Steady state equivalence among autocatalytic peroxidase-oxidase reactions José ... more pages

UltraCold Atom News - join_form


Skip to content Search UltraCold Atom News Sections News Research Groups About Fer-mions & Bosons Conferences Job Postings Personal tools Log in register Home » join_form Registration Form Auto registration has been deactivated Please ... more pages

Department of Physics


... and serving society Physics is the study of space, time, energy, and matter at all scales ranging from those describing subatomic particles to the evolution and structure of the uni-verse as a whole! While many disciplines attempt to ... more pages

The hydrogen atom


... particles. Links: The wavefunctions of the hydrogen atom Probability densities (1) Pro-bability Densities (2) The hydrogen atom   Definitions and notations The ground state en-ergy of the hydrogen atom is - E I . where . a is the fine ... more pages



tag:physics.fiu.edu,2011:169 Department of Physics: News Feed 2016-12-19T12:20:04-05:00 Department of Physics http://physics.fiu.edu Copyright © 2011, Florida Internati-onal University http://cmshared.fiu.edu/fiu-edu/_assets/images/fiu-logo. ... more pages

Wet Electron: Exploring Electron Transport in Polar Liquids


Wet Electron: Exploring Electron Transport in Polar Liquids Wet Electron: Exploring Elec-tron Transport in Polar Liquids In this project, we have studied the extra electron state in polar liquids, specially in liquid water. Different from ... more pages

Anatomy of the Atom (EnvironmentalChemistry.com)


... neutral atom, the number of neutrons may vary within different atom species of the same element. As a result, the atomic mass for one atom may be different from another atom of the same element if the number of neutrons varies. Atomic mass ... more pages

Physics at Lancaster University


... security Scientists have discovered a way to authenticate or identify any object by gene-rating an unbreakable ID based on atoms. Read more Fri 13 November 2015 Businesses urged to tap into science and technology young talent Businesses are ... more pages

Physics - spotlighting exceptional researchFocus: LIGO Bags Another ...


... 59 http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/Physics.9.60 Author(s): Susanne Yelin<br/><p>Riding the coattails of cold atomic physics, researchers have demonstrated the ability to steer cold molecules into desired quantum states.</p ... more pages



... Shedding Light on Molecules With his power tools, physics and chemistry professor Wilson Ho sheds light on molecules and atoms in action. Touring his lab is like a trip to Radio Shack, a high school metalworking shop and the set of ... more pages

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