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Johann Sebastian Bach. Lute music


Johann Sebastian Bach. Lute music Bach, Johann Sebastian Eisenach 1685 - Leipzig 1750     Lute works BWV 995 to BWV 1000, plus 1006a     Johann Sebastian Bach on Kunst der Fuge site:   List of pages: Harpsichord Inventions and Sinfonias ... more pages

Diabolus in Musica Guide to Early Instruments - The Lute


Diabolus in Musica Guide to Early Instruments - The Lute The Lute T he Lute came origi-nally from Arab countries - the name is a corruption of the Arabic name Al’Ud. Like other instruments, it spread throughout Europe in medieval times, ... more pages

Hopkinson Smith - Lute, Baroque Guitar and Vihuela


Hopkinson Smith - Lute, Baroque Guitar and Vihuela Newsletter      Videos      Down-loads      News Archive      Links        Please install Flash 6.0 or later. Please visit the Flash Player website to get the latest ... more pages

Lute Society of America - Home


... and other events. Covering the LSA over the 50 years of its existence.         Our Donors        A listing of donors to the Lute Society of America. Thank you donors! Lute Pedagogy and Lute Resources...       For Beginners    ... more pages

The Classical Lute Mp3 Page -- Classic Cat


... Other Bach, J.S. (1685) Fugue in G minor for lute (1)   Bach, J.S. (continued) Lute Suite no. 2 in C minor (1) Lute Suite no. 3 in G minor (1) Lute Suite no. 4 in E major (2) Prelude in C minor for lute (1)   Sullivan, A. (1842) Orpheus ... more pages

Lute Tablature Programs


Lute Tablature Programs Some lute tablature programs Here is a list of some programs for typesetting lute tablature. I make no claims nor recommendations for any of them, except my own. Tab by mail or web page, and for Unix, Mac, Windows - ... more pages

Introduction to reading lute tablature


Introduction to reading lute tablature A basic introduction to Renaissance lute tablature for beginners Warning! The renaissance lute was popular for many years in many places, and there are many forms of tablature. This is a basic introduct ... more pages

Lute Iconography


Lute Iconography Old Lutes If you click on these images you can see them enlarged! You can also look at pictures of new lutes The lute through the ages I have seperated these pi-ctures into three pages, to make the downloading process easier. ... more pages

Liuto com - a web resource of lute, old plucked instruments and early ...


... classic painting of the renassaince with an angel playing a " lute " while fliying. Is not so simple but is a good first contact with the lute . We would consider a " lute " or " liuto " as a concept more than a single instrument. Liuto ... more pages

Lute Amplification


... Amplification Arthur Robb - Luthier Email art@art-robb.co.uk     Telephone 0044 (0)1666 822945    Mobile 07984 892570 www.art-robb.co.uk Home Lute Prices Lute Amp-lification Lute History Custom Made Appalachian Dulcimer For Sale Now ... more pages

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