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Lefschetz Center for Dynamical Systems @ Brown University


... Research Publications People Internal Welcome The Lefschetz Center for Dynamical Systems at Brown University promotes research in dynamical systems interpreted in its broa-dest sense as the study of evolving systems, including partial ... more pages

Math5337: Dynamical Systems Lab, Table of Contents


Math5337: Dynamical Systems Lab, Table of Contents Up: Technology in the Geometry Classroom Dynamical Systems Lab: One-Dimensional Iteration by Evelyn Sander The foll-owing module is designed to explore one-dimensional dynamical systems using ... more pages

Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)


Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) Main navigation | Main content Go to the U of M home page OneStop myU Search U of M Web sites College of Science and En-gineering                               ... more pages

Mathematics Institute - University of Warwick - Dynamical Systems ...


... Dynamical Systems Homepage Kiev (Ukraine) Dynamical Systems Homepage Luminy (France) Dynamical Systems Homepage Orsay (France) Topology and Dynamical Systems Stockholm (Sweden) Dynamical Systems Others Boston (USA) Dynamical Systems at ... more pages



Dynamical Systems and Technology Project Dancing Triangles The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project at Boston University Zooming Sierpinski This project is a National Sc-ience Foundation sponsored project designed to help secondary school ... more pages

37: Dynamical systems and ergodic theory


... World Wide Web Cellular Automata Cellular automata SIAM 's Dynamical Systems page and Nonlinear Science page. Dynamical systems (preprint server, etc.) UTK archives page on dynamical systems. Nonlinear Dynamics Group Selected topics at ... more pages

Climate dynamics, chaos and quantum mechanics


... Quantum Systems to Macro-Scale Fluid Flow MIRROR SITE: http://amselvam.tripod.c-om/index.html: A General Systems Theory of Everything from Chaos, Quantum Mechanics and Gravity Applicable to Dynamical Systems of all Space-Time Scales from ... more pages

Chaotic Dynamical Systems


... fueled by serendipity. Home Search Serendip playground brain complex systems biology science education science art exhibitions about us CHAOTIC DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS A presentation by Victor J. Donnay, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Bryn ... more pages

Dynamical Systems - Applied Mathematics - Western University


... Rotman Institute Fields Institute Home Research Dynamical Systems Department Search Research Scientific Computing Mathematical Biology Theoretical Physics Dynamical Systems Dynamical Systems Dynamical systems theory is the mathematics of ... more pages

Duke Physics


... sometimes surprising relations between them, lie in the domain of complex systems research. The challenge is to discover and characterize the collective behavior of complex systems, and to uncover the principles that connect the physics ... more pages

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