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Free PowerPoint Presentations about Triangles for Kids & Teachers ...


... Triangles Classifying Triangles Triangles Classification Triangle Types Types of Tria-ngles World of Triangles Proving Triangles Congruent Angles and Triangles Area of Trian-gles Area of a Triangle Properties of Triangles Similar Triangles ... more pages

Triangle: A Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay ...


... Robust Predicates page . These geometric predicates are in the public domain (though Triangle is not). Instructions for using Triangle A demonstration of what Triangle can do How fast is Triangle? Definitions (of several geometric terms) ... more pages



... by Length In an equilateral triangle, all three sides are the same length. An equilateral triangle is always equiangular (see below) . In an isosceles triangle, two sides are the same length. An isosceles triangle may be right, obtuse, or ... more pages

Online Geometry: Triangles Index. Theorems and Problems, Page 1. ...


... Problems - Index . non-collinear points. Triangle vertices. Equilateral Triangles Index . Isosceles Triangle . Isosceles Triangle 80-20-80 . Index. Right Triangle . Special Right Triangles . Special Right Triangle 30-60 . Obtuse Triangle . ... more pages

Rational Triangles


... of the other two (triangle inequality). Right Triangles Define a Rational Right Triangle as a right triangle which is a rational triangle. A right triangle is a rational triangle if and only if all six trigonometrical ratios of the two ... more pages

Triangles - Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene


... There can be 3 , 2 or no equal sides/angles: Equilateral Triangle Three equal sides Three equal angles, always 60° Isosceles Triangle Two equal sides Two equal angles Sc-alene Triangle No equal sides No equal angles What Type of Angle? ... more pages

Tim's Triangular Page


... Min/Max Problems Related To Triangles            Basic Facts Scalene Triangle Iso-sceles Triangle Equilateral Triangle Acute Triangle Obtuse Triangle Right Triangle Congru-ence Similar Triangles Outer (Exterior) Angle Median, ... more pages

Triangle definition and properties - Math Open Reference


... Right triangle Isosceles triangle Scalene triangle Equilateral triangle Equiangular triangle Obtuse triangle Acute triangle 3-4-5 triangle 30-60-90 triangle 45-45-90 triangle Triangle centers Incenter of a triangle Circumcenter of a ... more pages

Right Angled Triangles


... angles always of 45° Two equal sides     Example: The 3,4,5 Triangle The " 3,4,5 Triangle " has a right angle in it. (Draw one if you ever need a right angle!)   It has no equal sides so it is a scalene right angled triangle       ... more pages

Fact Families and Fact Triangles


... to say both multiplication facts. To practice division, show the largest number and cov-er-up one of the others. e.g. for a triangle showing 20 , 4 & 5 , cover the 5 and ask your child to tell what 20 ÷ 4 = Spend a few minutes each day ... more pages

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